Seadoo efoil board

I guess when a jet ski manufacturer gets into building efoil boards we have lost the battle on fighting regulation and trying to convince everyone these are not jet ski thrill crafts! :rofl::sob:

Yip, they gonna stuff it up for everyone. At least it looks very unappealing!

I think several others working on similar concepts and I think 2024 is to late… Others will hit the market much sooner…Let`s see what @Liftfoils and @waydoo come up with :sweat_smile:

Loads can work on those concepts, but the reality is that they going to find a limited market.
Jetski’s and Efoils serve very different purposes. Trying to combine them doesn’t really work all that well. Just look at the existing market and how stand-up jetski’s almost completely disappeared when sit down ones arrived.

People either want to be fully standing or sitting down… Crawling is for the babies…

:sweat_smile: wait whats coming 2023 :wink:

Bahahaha, everyone thinks they have the next “BIG” thing with efoils. The whole wait for what’s coming is complete crap! The most successful efoil company’s all just showed their products without any “wait for what’s coming”. Take a look at how Lift, Fliteboard, Takuma, Waydoo all launched their products, none of this suspense crap which is almost always met with underwhelming releases.

I think that E-foil’s are in a strange place where every newcomer wants to put a third wheel on a bicycle:)
When all we really need is a lighter but properly reinforced board and a really well constructed battery pack!


You couldn’t have said that better!

I think there are still a couple of novelty areas left unchartered, but I don’t think they form part of the major efoil areas and I’d be very surprised if any of the manufacturers get them right.

This is a huge part of it. Lighter, thinner, less volatile batteries, resulting in lighter, thinner boards. Easier to transport and perhaps even possible to take on a plane etc.

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They’ve just refined the concept developed by in 2021.
a monofoil + a retractable handlebar for a better riding position according to the rider’s level of condidence. They 've degraded the Hydroflyer look though. I hope they’re not patenting it… :wink: