Should I bother epoxying this motor?

Hi friends, I got a cheap 6384 outrunner, (probably too cheap)
I managed to disassemble it completely in order to solder thicker wires (came with 16awg) and then epoxy coating/waterproofing.
I noticed that the stock soldering job melted the coating of the phase wires and tin probably got too deep towards the stator and windings.
If I proceed to solder new thicker wires, the coating could get even more damaged and I may not be able to waterproof the solder joints,
Could this be waterproofed eventually?
Any ideas?
Greetings, Eden.

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You could try to cool the enamel wires with a wet cloth and use a poweful soldering iron to get it soldered in short time. Although not healthy, solder wire with lead has a lower melting point, that could also minimise heating up the wires.

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Thanks, good idea.
Do you think dipping the stator it in epoxy (after soldering) would fix the insulation issue?
Is there anything else I can do to ensure it won’t short underwater?

Seen some variations on this motor. What’s the width of the stator lamination stack and where did you buy it?

Torqueboards 6380 are speced to have 54mm stator but these are expensive.

50.7mm :slight_smile:
Got it from AliExpress, 55$
It’s really ultra low quality, magnets are not even aligned and spaced equally, you get what you pay for…
I don’t really care about ruining the motor I’m just afraid it will blow my ESC (Flier 400A 250$)

How bad can it be :smiley:
What is thickness of laminations? Good ones should be 0.2 mm

Lol I’m not sure I have the tools to measure them, but they feel like coarse sandpaper lol, compared to the smaller outrunner on the left

Doesn’t look too bad! How did you separate the back plate?

Yeah, who knows.
Maybe a good epoxy bath is all she needs, will try tomorrow, sometimes I’m doing things in a rush and I end up overthinking, lol… Will update :slightly_smiling_face:

With low amount of heat and a gentle whack from the back, I stuffed a paper towel where the back bearings sit, placed a socket head 18mm OD, came out in no time!

That plate has a small keyway thingy too

I used a similar motor, cheapest 6384 motor from aliexpress (though with hall sensors which I got rid of). Worked fine even with the cheapest propeller from aliexpress (7 1/4X5, 10usd). You might want to follow PowerGliders guide on epoxying: Direct drive outrunner with direct water cooling - #91 by PowerGlider.
Just measured the laminations, seems to be 0.33mm or maybe 0.35mm thick.

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Thanks that’s great news, and yes I had sensors too they simply got detached as soon as I opened the motor housing, I didn’t have to even pull on it.

Hi can I cut the hall censor wire off without opening up the motor?Thanks

Yes, they’re on a separate low voltage harness so it won’t make a problem.

Cool thanks for the info