Slingshot Hover Glide NF2 suitable for eFoil?

I found some threads mentioning the Slingshot Hover Glide foil but no one really made clear if it was a suitable and good foil.
I am asking because it is by far the most common and affordable used foil around my area.

Would be awesome to hear experiences!

It is a great foil! I used it in my design and now I have a reliable Efoil system.

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I read that you have replaced the mast, is the stock one not hollow?
Do you think the foil produces enough lift? Do you think it is more one the high speed or easy to foil side?

The stock one is indeed hollow. You just have to push the plastic inserts out. I just wanted to keep it for regular kite-foiling. I bought a second mast to drill holes in it for the wires to run through.

This is a lower speed, easy to ride foil. It starts to foil at around 9-10 knots. I designed my Efoil propulsion for 14 knots and it has worked great. I’ve ridden the NF2 at 25knots on my kite and it was stable and nice. It is not as slow as some of the large foils people have selected for low speed foiling, but IMO, I would prefer to ride faster.

Thank you, very helpful!
Since I am not really in a hurry right now I will keep an eye out on different foils in my area.
So is this foil similar to the Liquid Force that pacificmeister and many others use, or is it slower?

Funny, I just tested both this slingshot foil and the liquid force (same model I use for efoil) behind a jetski last week. Totally different. Slingshot has noticeably more yaw stability because of the anhedral wing shape. The LF is feels unstable and “loose” in comparison but seems to handle higher speeds better. I take it up to 20mph with the efoil. The slingshot seemed to max our around 15mph, then it started vibrating/singing and drag more. Both are not very fast foils though.

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Very interesting, thank you. I guess the Slingshot would be a great foil to learn then, but I am used to pretty high speeds from windsurfing and I don’t want to buy a second foil that quickly because I feel that the first one isn’t thrilling enough :smile:
The problem is that those easier foils are magnitudes cheaper when buying used, because they take some damage during the learning process of the previous owner, faster foils are ridden by experienced foilers that don’t crash them that often.

You can add different wings compatible with the Liquid Force fuselages to speed the foil up (or slow them down). For example, for kite foiling, I started with my LF Foilfish wings and after a few years went to LF Impulse wings (made by Cloud IX; same as Cloud IX S24 wings) on LF FF mast and fuse. I heard and since have found that Impulse wings are better for riding waves. I have now switched my mast and fuselage to an innovative and light hollow carbon fiber box construction (compatible with Liquid Force) by Project Cedrus/Adherend Innovations LLC. There are quite a few people making ‘aftermarket’ wings to allow people to upgrade their foils. Many kite foilers that went straight to high performance wings (and longer masts) had a significantly harder and rougher learning curve. Personally, I see definite advantages to learning with bigger lower aspect more stable wings and switching to faster higher aspect racier wings and components later (if desired). Foiling on big wings is still a BLAST. Having fast wings isn’t for everyone, though for many it is the objective. I guess one drawback of slower wings is that they are less efficient and eat up more energy (I think this is true…but I’m not an engineer)?


Do you have a source for aftermarket wings? Because original wings for LF or Slingshot are as much as a whole used foil.
An alternative I consider is this cheap foil:
Not many reviews but it is advertised as being just above the middle between beginner and pro and has a good speed range.
Third alternative would be to 3D print the first foil and then switch to a faster commercial one.

I picked up some extra slingshot wings from China. They’re cost around $199 per wing. I got the H2 and H4.

Another great setup is the Moses wings (that’s what flying rodeo uses and he has taken his setup up to 40km/h).

If I were buying now, I’d start with the gongsup foil which is around 400 Euro. It looks good and seems like a nice learning wing. Then you can always upgrade to faster gong wings, or make an adaptor for a Moses fuselage and wings.

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If these Gong foils perform decent it would be awesome value. I will consider that. Do you have any reviews or something? Do you know if the mast is hollow?

The mast is hollow and have more space inside than the slingshot. I have actually debated getting a mast and Tuttle adapter as my one board has a turtle…

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Gong’s mast is perfect for our efoils IMO, there is plenty of space, perfect for motor wires as well as sensors etc.
Also, it’s the cheapest mast you can find around.

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Moses foils are very popular among many of my kitesurfing friends. They are very well engineered, well made and have a broad range of wings and masts for different applications.

There are quite a few foils with good prices from China. The designs and quality vary widely. In many cases, it is hard to know what you are actually getting because the pictures and advertisements are poor quality. Some of these are sold as samples, with the hope or expectation that you will potentially order many more units. So, I wonder if some of these are more like prototype units? So, if you have a confirmed product from China (e.g. someone has bought that same product and recommends it) in many cases the quality and value (and maybe the design, too) can be excellent. Some of these are knockoffs of marketed products (perhaps made in the same factory as known brands).