Smart BMS for my 14S packs

Loving the ability to watch stats on how my batteries are charging. Can’t wait to see the discharging!

The iPhone app is available here:

And the BMS I am using:

(apparently many types of Bluetooth BMS’ are supported).


The BMS is rated for 60 amp is int too lower the application?

I am using two packs in parallel so it’s 120 amps, which I think it’s plenty to fly (50% throttle on my Maytech remote). And I’ve been flying on two different boards now:

Does this BMS have desktop software also? can you configure it for bot li-ion or lifepo4?

No, they do not have desktop software. Not even sure if they do Android, but they might. They do make versions for Lifepo4 if you want, but different hardware.

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Yep, I am on hunt for 16s minimum 160amp bms with desktop software

Would this one work? Not cheap though.

Tiny BMS s516 - 150A/750A

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This is a good one but it only supports up to 60 amp continuous and peak 150 amp which is not clear for how long can handle 150 amp.
Other than that it is a very nice bms. I see online lots of similar smart bms but lack fo documentation and proper description makes it a gamble to purchase one .

Auch , I missed that one. Believe You need to have some margin also on the BMS capacity if you use it for discharging, just liek with the esc. If used for charging only, much easier.

There is also an Android App and PC Software

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A very nice catch at half the price of the tinyBMS 15s 100A. The tinyBMS looks better designed though. Is it overbuilt for our application ?