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According to the manufacturer the max power draw is 104 amps and 11,000watts. Is this enough?

@phillipe , I used 3m 10 PSI velcro which is very strong. The reason I used the velcro was in case needed to re-arrange the components.

I mean logging it with a power meter while it’s running in the water with you on the board to see if anything is holding you back

Good idea, I will get one. Any recommendations?

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I use this one, but it hard to see when you are going unless you lie down on the board.

You can use a Translucent Seahorse case so that you can still mount it inside the case. and see it.

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can you give me the name of your glue because I do not find your last video on the electric box, thank you

@pacificmeister, I have the 6S hooked up for 12S in series. @Alexandre may be correct in regards to the gearhead clamp slipping. At max with 360KV on 44V, my rpm should be about 5200 right? I think my gearhead clamp is slipping which may be killing my RPM. Also I am on Maui, in Haiku. :sunglasses:

@philippe, I attached the photo of the velcro I used for all attached components to the seahorse.

IMG_9883 Its hot glue, but I used a chisel to get a rough texture.

+1… i used hot glue too… works great… for things that don’t heat up.

I have polystyrene pads to keep the batteries from moving and they act as insulator, the glue is holding well, but the power meter, temp sensor and receiver that were also glue were not insulating and heating slightly all the glue didn’t work… i’ll zip-tie them to the frame instead…

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The VESC temp sensor is wedged in with a plastic clip. I didn’t know how else to get contact.

Doesn’t the new Vesc have a temp sensor for the Fets on it’s own. (My old 4.12 Vesc does). If it’s about reading the vesc values via UART / serial connection I can help you with that as I have done my logger with Arduino/ESP8266 last week and will probably test it tomorrow.

Oh yeah. Its build in and I can also attach a motor sensor apparently, but I like to double check the temp on my Arduino display if the VESC is not connected to my PC.

Hello again if anyone was intrested you can use a preconfigured bluetooth module for your vesc, and change the values on the fly with this app and module, I use it on my electric mountain board that has 2 vescs running on canbus. Check out -

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Looks like this

you can add the overlay of the stats to your video like this

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I had a problem with my coupler between the gearshaft and propellershaft. I fixed it with to extra screws. And when I did the bathtub test and notice a big difference in power. IMG_5324%20(1)


Awesome! I thought the scenery looked familiar then you went right past my local ‘kohi’.

Been trying out a few new designs, i saw somewhere someone wanted me to share files


Hi, I would like to design and buil a removable system too. I like the work you did and i would like to know if u would accept to share me a plan with more detail ? The fixing between pod and mast is the most problem i’m facing, I need to make it waterproof, How did you do ?




@Lucas41 if you click the link below the picture above you can download all the files. I used gasket sealant the same stuff you would use on your car to make the seal between the back pod and the mast mount


i think i may have come up with a plug in version too but still have to test how well it will work. it should make it easy to remove each motor and gearbox assembly