Standard Tuttle masts

I bought a used windsurfing board with a standard Tuttle box in it. Dimensions are 240cm x 95cm, displacement 210L. Oh, and the Tuttle box is located quite far back, maybe 20cm from the back edge of the board. Any red flags?

My next step is to buy a mast, cut some holes in it and figure out how to 3D print an enclosure for a motor. I don’t think I even need wings at this stage, hoping to just have a mast with a motor on it working for starters and use it as an eSUP.

It looks like there aren’t many standard tuttle => plate converters, but I found a few brand specific tuttle adapters. This is the most promising approach so far:

Does this seem like a good idea? Are mast cross-sections standard dimensions? Or are they all different and non-interchangeable?

Thanks for your wisdom,

The board: 210L is big. Here a beginner board volume (L) starts at (rider’s weight + board weight = 30kg +20 in kg), so 120-150L and wants 60-70L after 10 hours of practice.

@Michion project should help you. He has reached 41kmph with his 2018 NAISH Thrust WS 1 Foil

A standard tuttle is not IMHO the best option because not much room for 3 motor cables + water cooling pipe. Possible though, here @Clarin using a KFBox (smaller than tuttle) from Alpine Foil:
1710 drilled Tutle

Your standard tuttle mast head cost 85usd here:

Foil: for 155 + 170usd, you can nearly get a brand new foil in other brands. If you like NAISH, try to find a sale 2019 Thrust WS (WindSurf) foil 1220cm2 : here 575usd new (windsurfing black and orange). Prefer the WS to the KS (Kitesurfing foil) or the Thrust surf foil (big and slow)
A sale WS1 from 2018 (black and yellow as above) should be even cheaper…
They are using mast plates.