Strange motor behavior

Hi guys,
I have problems on my motor or ESC. In the video you can see at 6, 17, 25, 33, 47 seconds you can hear strange short sounds on motor. Monitoring with my cellphone I found peak current that correponded with that sound. Is it normal behaviour as I run with no load? What do you think guys? My system is:

Maytech motor 65162 120kv
ESC Kedean 200A. Peak 560A
Battery Samsung 30Q 13s12p

Thanks in advance for your help.

Youtube video:

Mi ESC settings:

Strange, is it the same in the water? An out of sync is normally more like a hard knock or jerk. This sounds more like a jump in the throttle command.

Can you try resyncing the remote and recalibrating it? Which remote?

Same ideas :
Check remote ( throttle signal ) try another remote

  • n2 , step acc : low
  • n11 : lower frequency …

Thanks i will try another throttle. Any suggestion?

It is a throttle that came with the ESC. I didn’t try in water yet. It was the first run and monitoring the current with my cellphone I saw peak current that corresponded with that sound.


I think this throttle has a thread here where the signal jumps due to poor signal/bit processing. You’ll find it if you search.

Yes that remote is awful and will jump up at some exact throttle positions. Something like 1200 exactly will go to 1800,. But 1202 will be exactly 1202.

I have it and it is barely useable and probably dangerous. I now just a maytech remote.

Checked mine with vesc app , it was not that bad but yes it has jumps as well

Ok guys. I changed my transmitter and receiver and it looks much better. Thanks for your help!

Brave placement of your hand!

This commands respect. I think I will install a protection grid.