[superlefax] FLYLO BUILD

After almost one year tinkering on my Efoil I finally have no break downs for the last 10h of ride… This is why I thought it’s time for sharing my -until now- working setup and thoughts.

My idea is to have a propulsion unit were all axial sealing get compressed to aluminum surfaces. Everything is assembled together by long screws in solid aluminum threads. At the beginning I had a lot of 3d printed parts which I gradually changed to aluminum because of water leaks.

Now I’m quite satisfied with it :slight_smile:


link comments
Flier 320A pros: ramp control, max throttle adjustment, not burnt yet (unlike the other 2 Seaking HV130A), auto throttle stick calibration, a lot of settings adjustable, with extra capacitors, not expensive cons: is getting quite hot - until 70 degrees C
BL Motor SSS 56104/700KV / 10D with 10mm shaft, no problems yet
SUP Foil Ican Sports F002 nice quality, stable, can really recommend , hollow mast, cheap (365$ incl. shipping and second mast (90cm))
Neugart PLE40 8:1 bought two of them unused on Ebay for 30€ each , please don’t ask me for the second one :wink:
Multistar 20000mAh 6S I changed the connectors to XT150, survived two fires
IP67 waterproof switch recommendable
Outdoor Case 336x300x148 no problems so far, good quality, 100% waterproof
fuser holder mini-anl only thing that worked for me (fuse: 200A)
jaw spider coupling with 9NM, I tried 5 different other couplings before without success, added 2 scrub screws and loctide, spiders with less than 9NM failed
Hiorth prop V1 scaled to 160mm, have no comparison yet
7 1/4 X 5 Yamaha prop not tested yet, maybe a cheap alternative, 10mm shaft
2.4Ghz Electric Skateboard Remote in a condom a nice working and cheap solution
UBEC 12S - 12V recommendable
SBEC DUAL 12s with 12V and 5V not tested but would go for this one
Ammeter 200A with Hall Sensor highly recommendable , easy installation, really good readability in sunlight
12V Red LED Digital Thermometer highly recommendable, with adjustable beep alarm, measuring the ESC temp, bad readability in sunlight
DC 12V self priming pump I have measured 1 l/min on my setup (water pumped through mast)
Mini 12V Priming Diaphragm Pump I have measured 0,6 l/min on my setup
Ultra Power UP200 DUO AC DC is not that bad, there are better available
Turnigy REAKTOR Pro 350W no problems so far
military ammo box recommendable for charging battery
AS150 connectors highly recommendable, my XT90 connectors melted, no problems so far
Wago 221-415 highly recommendable for connecting the stuff
85 x 85 x 40 mm box for tidy up the electronics
Hydrofoil Wing’s Bag highly recommendable

–>Click here for the parts list with links<–


you are happy with those 6s 20a ? how long does it last ?

Around 15-20min. I got a pair of 16ah and a pair of 20ah for giving friends the chance to foil as well. Haven’t had any issues yet. The 16ah ones survived two :fire: s


have you in mind to share your CAD files ?



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Really really tight build. Good work man. Looks awesome!

How does it ride?

In my opinion It is a quite low-maintenance setup. No problems so far for the whole summer. I’m out on the lake or on the rivers almost twice a week. Still it is sooo addictive and it it so much fun let friends try foiling.
Just one problem with melted PLA parts because it got too hot in the car. I completely changed all PLA parts to PETG.

My maximum speed measured via GPS is 32km/h. But I never run full speed. The lift is just to crazy at this velocity. Nevertheless it feels really nice @25 km/h.

Of course I can share my CAD files.

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Nice build! I need to get some inspiration from this. CAD files would be great if you could share please.

What caused the two fires?

Where can we download your CAD files?
Thanks for offering to share!

Love it ! I guess one single 8mm skindicht is enough for the three esc -> motor cables ?


Hy superlefax echt top was du da gebastelt hast. Ich hab mich die Tage auch dazu entschlossen mir ein efoil zu bauen. So wie ich das gesehen habe wohnst du gar nicht so weit weg :grin: bin momentan leider nur mit dem Handy online darum kurz die frage… Gibt es von deinen Bauteilen auch Stl. Daten die du online gestellt? hast? Danke schonmal ich hab auf die schnelle gerade nichts gefunden…

I will reply in English. That’s great to hear. I try to upload my whole assembly as STP maybe this weekend.

I will also publish my propeller measurements. Speed while foiling vs. Ampere for different propeller types (Alu, 3d print, Flying Rodeo prop, ect.)

Where are you located?


:)) that sounds perfekt very cool. Have you printed the parts in ABS?
Iam located near Nürnberg I think that’s a very small distance and it is not so far away like some other guys from the forum (Australia, USA, China :grin:)
Maybe we can meet us some day. Sometimes Iam near Gera…
Are you still updating your efoil or can you say it’s good to foil and it’s finished? Ready to ride for summer :slight_smile:

Everything is printed in PETG except of the propeller (PLA). This setup is finished; no maintenance required anymore. I’m only experimenting with various propellers and ducts to get more efficiency.

You are more than welcome to meet me in Leipzig.


That sounds great. Do you know the max speed of your setup? I’ve ordered already some parts so I can start with this new project :slight_smile: I hope you find some time to upload your files.

Big thanks to you and your help

My last project was a 6dof motion seat. Should you ever come up with an idea to build something like this I can help you xD


I will upload the files tomorrow.
This seat looks crazy!

Ah sorry habs überlesen du hattest ja 32kmh geschrieben :slight_smile:


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Thanks superlefax looks perfekt the file everything we need big Thx
How did you made the alutube? Cnc?

Can you maybe tell me why there is space on the front right site? Is it for the wire?