[Surf n' Destroy] Building a flying sniper rifle case

At the top obviously you’re going to take off

Your list is nice, but either you got special prices or they were on special sale… F. e hgltech Hi200 75/200 is 265$ and much more expensive than on your list?

I took the voucher and got 20% off. I paid $199,20 USD incl. shipping

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What different foils did you tested so far? Which is the best one after the RL foil in your opinion?

In order of appearance
Naish surf XL
RL Efoil 2020 (1600cm2)
RL Efoil 2018 (1100cm2) favourite allrounder
Axis 900/460 stb. Super efficient, but slow. Sold again
Gong veloce M/40cm stab. Nervous, but with potential for 40kmh+
Fliteboard flyer / std stab. Too early to say…


Which woucher. For ESC20OFF I get 20$ discount, not 20%. There is OFF10, it is 10% and for the price of 265$ there is 26,5$ discount.

EDIT: found the code for 20% “HGLTECH20”

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It’s price von hlg not important…:roll_eyes:
The rifle box ist is importent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think we are missing something here … :sweat_smile:
Or is it still too soon ?

How hard is it to cut/drill a piece of POM?

It’s easy too cut
Greetings Frank

Still wondering if you were able to fly with this setup. What was the result?

Sorry to keep you waiting. We needed some time to edit the video.

Have fun watching it!

all credits goes to @kotnascher for editing the nice video :star_struck:


Very nice Saturday evening Film Material there. Who needs disco. :smiley: Rifle case industrie should ramp up their production. DIY community is coming…
Thank you for this awesome build


oh and most importantly everyone. Bury those rifles and turn them cases into better useCases. :wink:

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It’s our interpretation of “swords to plowshares”


It’s so fun riding this “board”. Your are welcome :blush:

Cool idea… Looks not to bad… Did you stiff it inside with alloy plate and U- shape profile?

Hahaha, you guys are legends! Hands-down the coolest looking eFoil for sure! Pure innovation :muscle:


Yes. Just scroll up to Jan 16 and you will find a description with some pictures