[Surf n' Destroy] Building a flying sniper rifle case

What do you guys think about @kotnascher and my genius idea of taking an extreme shortcut for building a super fast and a ultra low budget E-Foil:

Just buy a fu**ing machine gun case, throw some batteries and a VESC 75/200 inside, screw it on Foil with 65161 motor and have some serious fun!!

What are the advantages:

:white_check_mark: no efoil will ever look cooler
:white_check_mark: it’s dirt cheap (119€)
:white_check_mark: the whole case is rated IP67
:white_check_mark: tons of space for other stuff (guns, beer, extra batteries)
:white_check_mark: nice wheels for better transport
:white_check_mark: you can transport all parts of the efoil in that case!!
:white_check_mark: the best: the board is almost finished, no laminating, no waterproofing and so on…

What are the disadvantages:
:x: hydrodynamically, the shape of the case is a nightmare
:x: it’s maybe to heavy

So what do you think?


Yeah let’s rock @superlefax, we’ll be gunstoppable!


Do it for science! 2020202020202020chaar

I have heard far worse ideas than this. Don’t forget to slap some EVA decking for your feet to the topside!

  • efoiling in a few cities no more possible ?

It might be interesting to add some simple hot-wire cut XPS fairings, credit @Vincentbraillard / @Clarin
'Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world

I seriously considered buying a used roof box and do exactly this

  • Built for gliding
  • Plenty of battery space
  • Got that steampunk feel to it
  • Unique :grinning:

You’re welcome to pursue my idea :smile:

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And easy to tranasport, just put it on a roof rack!
I think it is not rigid enough though, needs some reinforcement.

Why is that? It’s just a huge sized :banana: protector case :wink:

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Man that’s looks nice too. What is the weight of this beauty? Does it have any sealing?

Yep but this one is 500eur and 25kg

I could get a 20kg 200l for 50 eur when i checked for used ones

“How much firepower do we need? - Yes!”
- american proverb

Let’s start with the battery:
As the riflecase comes with free HDS (hydrodynamic-deficit-sindrome) we need much more energy as usual to get it out of the water. A costum made 16s9p li-ion battery should do the work. It’s splitted in two 8s packs without BMS so i can use my ISDT Q8 for charging and also have full control over the cell voltage.
Total cost: 470 € including a waterproof Box

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Not to derail the e-rifle-board :smiley:

Trying to build a safer battery myself… My first I’ve could have been better.

So for next time you might want to trim the nickel sharp points. Fishpaper (or spacing) between rows. Fishpaper on the +. Not run the balance wires over other rows. On a battery that is getting bumped around a lot any of those could short one of the S group together and ruin some cells or start a fire.

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Hey Bryce,
thx for your tips. As i know those fishpaper rings are not mandatory with Samsung 30q Cells and the third picture doesn’t show the final state. I put hotglue on the critical parts where balance cable and nickel-edges can touch and also some foam rubber tape between nickel-strips and balance cables.
It’s hard to say the following thing without feeling like an arrogant douchbag but eventually i have at least some experience from building 46 battery packs with nearly 3k 30q cells. But as i tried to say, i’m always open to honest criticism;)


No worries, definitely built more packs then my handful!

I am getting ready to build a 14s p42a pack so I was trying to be as anal as possible about that stuff especially after reading about the couple fires.

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My experience :
Even if the 30q are the safest
Oem white ring on 30q melt pretty easily , I posted a pic on the forum , I will not do without fish ring on any cells

I tested kapton tape vs bleu paint cover tape for heat and fire , the bleu tape hold very nicely

I haven’t even finished to built my first 18650 battery , but I burned and degaz a lot of 18650 cells and 2 lipo , so I can image what It will do on a big pack

Not worried for me on my Efoil on water ,not for charging without Bms ( safety taken ) ,but for storage and my kids , and when I drive With everyone with battery in my trunk

Anyway looking nice and I had the idea for the gun case , the height stopped me

Car roof , i have , not strong enough , not waterproof enough

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Exactly this. Plastic melts, fish paper doesn’t. Its adding a second, better layer of protection.

It’s a bit thicker than a regular Efoil board but it’s needed for a possible take off. The dimensions are quite nice actually (140 X 40 X 16 cm)

Stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just under 90 Litres - could be nice. I like the idea - my experiecne with those cases is that they aren’t fully IP67 - maybe test that part before anything else?


…we can just make the inner components waterproof and hope that this masterpiece of east-german engineering will not sink on it’s first ride

Maybe you can add lots of pool Noodle into the box to avoid such sinking scenario