Surf/SUP or Windsurf foil?

Hi everyone.

I have tried to search the forum for answers, but I Think my question is to specific.

I am choosing between two foils for my efoil build, which Will be a classic @pacificmeister build, with a SSS 56104 500kv and a 1:5 Neugart PLE 40, paired with a flier 320A ESC, and properly a rodeo propeller (ducted).

1st foil is the Naish Thrust Windsurf foil (WS1), which @michion already proved to be Great and fast foil for an efoil.

2nd is the Naish Thrust Surf foil, which has the same aspect ratio and frontwing area, but is a much slower foil, and Will presumably start to foil at a lower speed.

The board will be a modified Starboard Isonic 111L 2009, 69x230cm.

Hope some of you has an opinion on this topic?

Thank you!

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