Swedish winter meetup 2021

Got my drysuit together finally! Shouldn’t we do a winter efoil meet? It would be great to get a small crew together for splashes and coffee.

I’m in gothenburg but could drive 1-2hrs if there’s a spot that fits better😀

PS naturally it’ll be outside only due to corona …

14h drive, count me in :sweat_smile:


That might be to stretch the corona restrictions a bit :smiley:

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I will be riding this tomorrow! Yey!

Sävelången lake at Nääs slott


So, when will you pick me up?

Isnt there ice on that lake?
Been skiing 2 weekend in row south of that…

Tempted for sure, but will stick to my testing river with flowing water for tomorrow.
Have put the fliteboard flyer wing and stab on a RL fise and will take it for a spin. Looking for 40kmh+ as the wing is tiny…

Sounds nice! I thought about switching to my new wing and prop but i’ll stay with original to not waste the perfect weather if there’s any trouble riding it - i’ll save a rainy day for that.

Yes, there’s ice on that lake but it’s only partial. It’s part of a lake system flowing to the sea so a lot of it is open due to the current.

Had a fantastic ride today, cruising through ice patches that started to sing from the small waves from the efoil. Couldn’t have been better! :smiley: :grinning:

Hit some thicker ice after about 35min and motor started vibrating wildly. I thought the bearings broke but it turned out my prop had delaminated completely so i had to limp home. :cry:


Crazy Vikings :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Sounds really nice, but photo or it did not happen :mask:

My fliteboard wing test today was a failure (stab was loose from temorary fit, so not too much to brag about. Tomorrow it will be flite flyer front and normal RL stab. The front wing has potential and is at least as roll-stable as veloce medium, but lifts later, so will definately be good for 40+

Be carefull not to be decapitated when you fall onto ice, we need all efoilers we can get in sweden.

Too cold for photos! Couldn’t have ridden a lot longer with my trigger finger intact. I need a gopro or camera man

Just mount a gopro. I use Garmin Virb 360, but forgot my allen key to attach camera rod today. Had to hold the rod during the failed ride, but atleast I learned to modify the setup.

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I realise it’s preferable to stay above the water in freezing temperatures! That large board float must be nice.

Do you get speed directly from your cam or with some additional module?

Nice video as usual , which size board do you use ?

Whimsifoil large at 200L, i would not ride anything smaller during winter as I can sit on it and not get wet. Have a whimsi 140L as well for summer.
Im 2m and 100kg

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Great vid, but where is the part where you actual surf? All I saw was kneeling! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Naa was imposible to surf. Got the stab mounted wrong angle, so it actually has some lift. Got inte crazy harmonic pitch instability.
Will go again soon with correct angle on stab

Riding this tomorrow

Just a small streak is open.
Rest of the lake is iced now so soon i’ll be having to go to the sea.

Thanks for the motivation Lars, I was planning on going ice scating on a lake this weekend, but will reconsider to take an efoil ride on a river instead. Still have both the Fliteboard prop and Fliteboard flyer wings to test. Not really right time for 40+ testing, but atleast there are no kayaks in the water :slight_smile: