Swiss 2020 eFoil Build

Hey Guys my name is Timon

Im from Switzerland (Erlenbach) i wanted to share my last build with you! if you have any questions just ask :smiley:

Are there any swiss builders and riders here?

Board Specs:
length 50cm,
width 60cm
height 12cm
total weight: 22.8 kg

Battery: 4xMultistar 6s 10Ah (2 parallel packs in serie)
ESC: Alienpowersystem 400A watercooled 3-16s Boat ESC
Motor: SSS 500KV 12kW
Gear: Reisenauer Super Chief 5:1 Planetengetriebe
RC: Maytech waterproof RC

Mast: Liquid Force Rocket
Fuse: Liquid Force Rocket
Wings: Liquid Force Impulse 110


That looks like a stellar build. I have some questions:

  1. How do you like the impulse 110 wingset? What is the lowest flying speed, best cruise speed, and top end of those wings with a motor?
  2. Did it require any modification to get the wing set to work with the older LF mast and fuselage?
  3. What prop are you using?


Hi foilmore

whats a stellar build ? ^^

  1. to be honest i just used this setup one time so far, but im super happy with the impulse 110! they are super stable and very easy to control! I was able to do a slalom between some buoys at the first try. they lift you out of the water super quick i guess already around 12km/h but i didnt took any masurements yet. im using the sss 500kv motor with a 5:1 gear from Reisenauer (Germany).

  2. Nope they are compatible, ive just shorten the Mast to fit it in the Car^^

  3. Got the prop file from a Friend i think its a costom design, 3D printed PLA reinforced with glassfiber :smiley:

Thanks for the quick response! Ah, I see the missing “E” at the top now. Looks like you didn’t take too much off.

Stellar is slang for really good or impressive.

very welcome! went from 93cm to 80cm still long enough

Ahh thanks a lot! sorry about my english ^^

hi Timon,

nice build.
IIRC efoils (as well as car racing) are not allowed in Switzerland. how do you cope with the situation?
i’m asking because you have some really beautiful lakes over there. :+1:


Hi Robert

Thank you! Unfortunately you are right … usually i go to france to ride -.- i’m trying to get a special permit to be able to use it in switzerland but without a permit it’s to risky and not really enjoyable

greez T

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thanks for the info.
it feels pretty strange that our German laws for once are less restrictive than those of other countries. :innocent:

Is it allowed in Germany? I Thought you guys have to register it?

How did you learn how to make the board? I have a slight idea how to shape foam with glass, but have no idea how to build with carbon. Do you have resources to share?

What was the approach for getting the battery installed and waterproof inside the board?

my first project with glassfiber was my broken surfboard witch snapped in 2 parts ^^ in the last 3 years i’ve build 3 efoil boards in total like this i collected some experience… but there are also many good youtube videos!

to shape the foam i’ve build some templates and used a hot-wire to cut it, like this you dont have to sand for days ^^


there is not a big difference between glass and carbon, you just have to know its way stiffer so if you have edges its pretty hard to have the layers perfectly on it -> best thing use a vacuum bag!


if you want I can give you the CAD file!

i put the batteries and the other electronics in waterproof boxes inside the board! the board keeps most of the water out and inside the Boxes its totally dry! but I wasn’t happy with this sticky foam sealing so im going for a silicon one but this is still in progress ^^


Yes, please - nice work. I suppose I will have to read up on glass and carbon. Thanks for sharing!

I am interested in the CAD file.

send me your email with the preferd format per dm and youll get it :wink:

check out: eFoil Board by DrTimonV - Thingiverse

and don’t forget to like :wink:

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I to would love to have your CAD file… :smile:
If possible I like to have it in mm.

Very nice build indeed ! Could you share you CAD with me loulouki @ gmail dot com or even better put it online for anyone on a shared foder? If someone proficient enough with CAD can make a printable pattern that would be perfect :-p but I might be asking for too much.

Thanks for the inspiration any way :wink:

here you go guys the board is online on: eFoil Board by DrTimonV - Thingiverse

please check if it works

and feel free to Tip me a dollar ^^ could need it for the next generation ;D
at least give me a like XD

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thank you! on cause of the big request you are right :wink: i put it on thingeverse yo everyone can download it!

i studied mechanical engeneering in switzerland … do you want to print it with 3D printer ? i would suggest to use foam, just in case there is a hole i dont want to dive for my efoil ^^