Testing all Electric Hydrofoils and making videos (Jetboard testing tour)

hi guys!

You probably know me, I’m Mike from Jetsurfingnation community and my passion and mission is to test every single jet board on the market. Honestly I have not tried Electric Hydrofoils yet, but it’s on my priority list and I am super excited to see how this industry is going to boom next year with so many Electric Hydrofoils coming on the market and so many DIY boards are being made!

Anyways, I live in Europe and we usually do the testings and interviews with Wayne as a part of Jetboard Testing tour in Spain. So if you have your board or a prototype ready and want to meet us, make a nice video and interview, you know where to find me!

Keep rocking! Cheers!


Hey Mike!
Your website rocks with great videos and content. Ill send you my VeFoil for an unboxing and ride review this spring. Also, thanks again for helping share everyone’s DIY videos with your following, you have really helped this new sport/product gain a ton of attraction. Your support with my efoil build project a couple months ago was/is greatly appreciated!

Wow, sounds awesome!!! Looking forward to test and unbox it!!

Glad to follow your progress updates!!


I know it might be little early but I’d like to add you to board comparison page… Please send me some basic information about your approximate speed etc (You can change the details later)

This month we started to test electric hydrofoils. We already tested the

Cabra tech Easygoat foil from Czech

and Fliteboard from Australia

Next - Flying Rodeo and Liftfoils. Hopefully we will test more soon when available.

As usual reach us for the testings.



Testing Liftfoils

**Testing Flying Rodeo **


My journey continues, I got the Fliteboard and really like it so far!


Ewave revealed how the duel efoil + jetboard setup actually works. I am happy it’s an actual board that works not another 3d render! what do you think guys?

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1- Since the battery is swappable from eSurf to eFoil, I would like to know the difference in riding time between one board and the other with similar throttle positions (80% say).
You will notice that they avoid to mention this detail as the efoil efficiency is measured in riding time (1h) whereas the eSurf one is measured in maximum speed (37mph)
2 - This eFoil should work perfectly with the wired remote inherited from the eSurf world, and we can imagine that it should be very useful for the rider’s balance while flying… time for a new practice ?

  1. I don’t know exact riding time but it must be around 20-30 mins for jetboard mode and 1 hour for efoil mode.

  2. I agree, it must be somewhat easier to turn but lets wait for their tests in the water to see

Very quiet. Direct drive. Skinny motor casing, looks 60mm’ish? Not very long… Hmmm… Big Prop, looks like 150mm? high blade area ratio and quite a pitch on it too. It’s a high torque prop.

Are there any actual videos of the eFoil working? Is it available for sale? My guess is that this is a mockup to show an investor, and the actual configuration that goes to market is going to be different.

I think it’s a fairly blatant copy of the Flite tail, the way it trails under the duct. Its an iconic point of design and a blatant copy just annoys me.

I saw the video of Dana riding it, I will post soon

here is screenshot from it

# LIFT FOILS ft Nick Leason | First electric hydrofoil surfboard | From Foils to Efoils


More efoils on the market! WAYDOO ONE Efoil | New efoil funded by DJI | Unboxing and Preview


It is a very nice design solution to get rid of the hatch and connect straight to the ESC/strut. I wonder how they do the data and power connector interface. Do you have any pictures of this detail?

The front wing attachment looks a bit awkward… would like to have seen, maybe a wider wing and flight style attachment.
Overal looks really good! Would definitely love to try one of these!

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Man sollte nicht ungeprüft solche Werbebotschaften verbreiten!!
Lift war nicht der Erste!

Hi hiorth. Here are some details

Hi Mike
I will contact with you coming soon.

The first to use this solution were Plurato Sailfin from Split Croatia early 2019: https://sailfin.plurato.com/
Its seems that Waydoo with their Flyer One have picked up the best solutions among the competitors.We don’t know much about the battery cell quality though.

Battery connector 02

Hello SoEFoil,
dont forget the 400cycles is the warranty not the lifespan of the battery! So please dont mix up values. The battery is high quality and can you state what warranty our competitors give for their battery?