The best Vesc to use for a e foil?

Looking for recommendations for best available Vesc speed controllers.
I would like to control a direct drive motor 100-120 KV.

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Knock off Flipsky VESC?

+1 on makerX comes with correct sensors and shipped though luxembourg so EU countries awoid tax.
Best option today.

All made by the same factory I believe

Which is typical for Chinese manufacturing knocking off brands by building their product on a mirrored assembly line in the same building.

Not a knock-off. The design was an open source design that would allow any manufacturer the make them.

MakerXHi200, Flipsky75200, HGL-tech (first version with 1 uart) are identical.
Top: Flipsky, bottom: makerX
Caps are different Flipsky 390uF, makerX 330uF.

Interesting. I just know Flipsky had different options (watercooling, enclosed, not enclosed) so I thought they were the original. I believe they were first to market.

I will say that the trampaboards 75/300 Vesc is the best Vesc out there.

They probably were. Same for Maytech, Reacher with the 61150. At the end of the day it is all about finding the OEM factory making the product. Most of these factories are happy to custom tweak products.
In terms of customer service I’m really happy with MakerX, had issues with Flipsky.
412km on the MakerX 75200 to date pushing motor current up to 250A (don’t do this unless you have a really good cooling)

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What FW Version are you running on your makerX 75200? Works well for me with 5.1, 63100 outrunner max motor amp 160A. 5.2 did not run as smooth. Also tried 5.3 on the bench, it worked when I disabled HW filters under FOC but there are some strange high frequency noises and it does not run as smooth as 5.1. Only sensorless works, HFI did not work well, strange noise even when the motor was idle.

No doubt the Trampa is the original and Vedder is getting some kickback from the sales which is good. It’s a fantastic opensource initiative so all clones are based on same development though, although with slightly inferior components and soldering quality. I have went throught 4 trampas at this point and since UK left EU i’m fine settling for a 250€ clone instead of going +600€ on trampa. It would be nice with a more waterproof induatrial version (read screw terminals) though as Trampa has no interest in this…

Not doubt about soldering, layout and components , you get what you pay for , took mine a part , redo padding for fets ( not the best for oem) , had some coating ( take care but I had to clean some moisture already ) , for the price and the size now I you would probably try something else

The original for the 75200 is the a200s by teamtriforce. They do their own development and now have a new smaller version.
I’m not sure who does trampas ESC Dev though. I would assume there’s some setup involving Benjamin though.

Yes trampa 75/300 is great but expensive… Would love to know what volt-efoil is using ?

All you have to do is fill your waterproof box 1" deep with corrosion X and your electronics swimming in corrosion X will never die again. I have over a year on my Trampa 75/300. Works good this way.



so putting an waterproof alu box with corrosion x is enough to cool 75/300 …waterbox is touching the mast top plate or not evcen that ?

As said by Trampa , corrosion x will likely attack the fets padding , I changed mine and coat the inside ( already moisture on electric without any water leak …)
The pink padding for the fets (0,5mm) was in good shape , but with the tight fit I couldn’t reuse it
For sure it is just a matter of time before the pad ware out , but with the temp protection we should be fined , just lets us know this happen :wink: , at some point I think it s still helping even if I choose to keep mine dry

They just say that because they aren’t gonna warranty anyone doing that. And it’s hard for them to be unbiased in their response. They sell more VESCs if people keep killing them with moisture.

How many years does my Trampa 75/300 have to last in corrosion X before you feel it’s safe? I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re saying it damages? Can you please post pictures of proof?

I’m over a year now. Corrosion X is safe on plastic, rubber, copper, and all the sensitive components. Guys have been using it for decades this way. I didn’t invent using it this way.

I am not sponsored by corrosion X, I have nothing to benefit here. I’m just trying to help. I see so many guys on here complaining about various failures of electronics, motors, bearing, and stuff due to moisture. All this is easily fixed with corrosion X.


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