The Cyberfoil build

Hi All!

Thank you for all inspiration and sharing! I mean, riding theese things must be insanely fun. But the journey to the finished build is so far most satisfying.

Though I would start posting some stuff here as I am going from just lurking around and hunting parts to actually buiding.

So I get straight to it :slight_smile:

Last summer (2016) I did put a electric trolling motor (about 2kW) underneath a cheap Decathlon longboard.

In the process I learned a few things.

  1. Going forward on a surfboard in total silence is a super awesome and magic feeling!
  2. I need more power!
  3. Water sealing is a bitch.

So the next step was to build my own e-foil. I was in the summer of 2016 very much inspired by the initial commercial from Lift. However I was scared off by the price and long waiting time (had some Model3 vibes there). So I decided to build my own machine.

Recently I have mostly been pushed forward by the dedicated and knowledgable people of this forum and my plan is to get in the water in mars/april when the sea is clear of ice here in Stockholm/Sweden.

I am going to build a slightly modified Pacificmeister propulsion unit, Just changed the shaft diameter to 10 mm.

The motor controller is a Trampa VESC 6.4 on a water cooled bed.

The motor is the Well known SSS 56104. Gearbox is a ple40 5:1 from alibaba/china. Good build quality. Lets see how it holds up.

The board is going to be handmade by me :slight_smile: A lot of work obvoiusly but I am a little sensitive when it comes to the easthetics and a chopped of windsurfer is just to ugly. Also EPS shaping and laminating is fun! The size is going to be 160 x 71 cm and volume about 110 L. Very inspired by the Lift design here. Ha ha.

The rough shaped blank.

The foil. It is full carbon fiber with a hollow mast and looks really nice.

Link here: This product is no longer available.

That is about it for now. Things are taking shape and I will post more stuff here as I move along.



the vesc 6 is only 80 ampere continuously and 120 in burst may be limited no? What do you think

If you have 12S (~ 48 Volt) and 80 Amp you get 3.800 Watt - that should be enough to fly :sunglasses:


I guess we’ll just have to see @Manu :sweat_smile: And, if I feel that I need more juice going to the motor I can always just rip the VESC out and pop another ESC in there. The SSS56104 can take 15000 watts as I read the specs. Which sounds totally cracy BTW! Has anyone actually built a configuration that use all that power?

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nice built! , looking forward your result using the vesc :wink:


Nice project ! I’ve received exactly the same foil last week and I’m gonna try it soon. I had the chance to work with a Lift foil a week ago and I took some pics of different details… It could maybe inspire someone…

Uploading: 7381F4C0-6842-4536-8E3F-6B6C95096916.jpeg… Uploading: 0701E736-2AFD-4847-950D-FC06D8C82EF2.jpeg… Uploading: CE3620FF-3C08-48F7-92F0-929DD65AB78D.jpeg…


I would love to know the diameter of the motor tube if you get a chance again! Rumour has it they are running a direct drive motor.

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If that is a 170mm foil the diameter of the tube is just 50mm. Can that be right? @Jezza @Carpi

Listen to @Flying_Rodeo @ 6:48 stating the Lift has direct drive. No gear box.

The next question of course is what motor are they using?

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True, Lift use no gearbox. Just direct drive. I did not mesure the tube they are using but it looks a bit bigger than mine… probably around 63 or 65mm. Their engine is pretty long and has an impressive torque.

I would say its 60mm - 65mm if I guessed. I think they most likely used the outside of the motor as the motor housing. It would make sense to design it like that for cooling purposes and eliminate the need for an extra tube.

With some good design we could probably do that with the existing 56mm motors with a good custom gear adaptor.


The board blank is finished. Really sleak! Now time for some glass and carbonfibre.


Looking great !! Did you use multiple blocks glued together ?

Yes. 6 pcs of 1200x600 blocks.


What is the thickness of each block?

Do you have any idea of what motor they use? Taking in consideration the length of the propulsion unit they are not using gearbox.

The thickness is 100mm.

Reading this forum my conclusion is that nobody knows for sure. Obviously it is a inrunner direct drive setup. I am just guessing here but propably custom made for this application around 100 kv and about 10kW of power.

Maybe it is similar to this motor:


Hi, Did you by change saw where were located the water intake/outlet for the wate-rcolling tubes?

Epoxi curing the Scandinavian way. In the sauna. (Yes I just might put vacuum bagging equipment in there also).

This particular piece is going to act as the on board foil mount. Two aluminium 20x10x2mm profiles with two layers of glassfibre next to the aluminium for galvanic isolation (thank you @Mat) and two layers of 200g carbonfibre on each side. Sturdy as h**l.