The "governor mode" what do you think?

just a little bit a head since the first test will be in May but i was thinking about this governor mode on the heli esc which keep the rpm (the speed) constant, i have 2 mode on my remote it will be nice on the slow mode (60% throttle) to set it to a desired speed so i will not have worry about that and rest my finger when i learn to fly … (yes this will happen some day :wink: )

what do you think?

Interesting thought :slight_smile:. With our current fixed pitch props you could just set the main throttle constant for cruise control. Governor mode however could be interesting with an adjustable pitch prop, similar to the adjustable pitch heli rotors. We could program throttle and pitch curves to optimize performance for all riding conditions (rider skill, weight, speed/thrust,…) and even get away without gears. In theory. But looking at some of these variable pitch boat props, they are quite complicated and there is more stuff that can break.