The PLUME eFoil from WhimsiFoil - info for the DiYer

We’ve known the Whimsifoil brand since 2018 with their inflatable boards. They are based in France.

They are now launching their latest product in a kind of “self crowd-founding mode”: the Plume efoil for 3800€ or 3165usd (excl vat export price) close to a DiY price.
You pay a 50% deposit today, you collect your board next spring in 6 months time.
Site homepage: (French, use your translator)
Pre-order: (French, use your translator)

Normal price: 5000€ incl tax (4167€/usd EX VAT outside EU for export)
Launch price: 3800€ incl tax (3165€/usd EX VAT outside EU for export) " -24% for a few weeks only"
Videos to come soon.

Board: 160cm (5’4") 100L
Front Wing surface: 1300cm3 (opt: 1600cm3 +70€)
Battery capacity : 33Wh (opt: 42Wh +450€)
Charger: their 1200W model (to be checked)

European efoil company offering quality products and support
Price: never seen so far at a DiY price
Motor: marinized outrunner
Stock propeller: two-blade folding prop

NEGATIVE points:
Carrying bag and board cover: +349€
50% deposit today - Delivery : spring 2023

Question : their board for DiYers has always been in the 450-600€ range.
Can we buy the Plume board separately ?

This motor looks much better than HISUN and clones in 2018.

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Sofar no real photos only models available? Seems a bit risky to pre pay almost 2000€ without any secure delivery option nor showing a real prototype… :wink:

Sofar no real photos only models available? Seems a bit risky to pre pay almost 2000€ without any secure delivery option nor showing a real prototype…

if interested this is worth the shot

First prototype vid … looking forward to seeing more technical details…

Ok I see basic Maytec and flipsky components…assume they use 65162 or similar motor… basicaly a DIY setup… Most interesting to decide if its worth the money, will be the battery as this is the most expensive part… So let`s see how they survive, but I think pwrfoil and waydoo get more&more popular and established… if those are to expensive then better build yourself :sweat_smile:

Remote: Flipsky VX3, the folding prop and the marinized outrunner which seems to have a static outer shell

Interesting folding prop design with geared cup blades that look more like spoons so finger friendly:
220801 Folding prop

220801 Folding prop 2

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The 4000eu incl VAT pre-sale offer ends officialy today 2023 jan 31st with 1990€ deposit.
The release date is still “Spring 2023”.
If you live outside Europe, you can catch it at 3200€ + tax + shpg
The February price is 5700€ incl VAT or 4560 excl.

The Plume Website in English
The preorder page in English

A waterproof outrunner motor with folding propeller:

An “arrival of good weather” effect ?

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So this was another fake or scam promotion? Not boards delivered sofar and no more news?

I cannot say anything about the delivery because “spring 2023” ends on 21st June.
I don’t think it is a scam. The guys are clever, demonstrate a working prototype and have delivered half a dozen of inflatable boards on this forum.
Did you order a Plume ?

wanted but I now ordered a sifly Eco Rider as it is same price below 6000€, but sifly Company has already demonstrated that they build good efoils and they manufacture in EU too. Mike from Jetsurfingnation did a really good review on it so I think it`s a hotshot for 2023. And they said it will be delivered already in May :wink: so let’s see :pray:

Looking good ! Your link doesn’t work. does ! When do you receive your SiFly ? Which model ?

What I read about the Plume is:

  • the first boards will receive a reinforced qualiy check in April to ensure the 1st deliveries in May 2023,
  • 21700 batteries,

I saw the Eco Rider on Boot Düsseldorf. Looked really good to me, and everything worked fine even the “after session readout” via the app. All data is displayed similar to VESC and furthermore they have an IRU in it as well. So you can see as well bank angle pitch a.s.o. Really nice gimmick :wink: They offered it for 4999€ +tax and will ship end of april :pray:

The small battery of the “Eco” Modell has still 1.6kwh, so should be good for 1 hour…Don´t know which cells they use, but for 18650 it looked not thick enough :thinking:
What is great about this board, It has same size as my wingfoil board and without battery I want to use it for wingfoiling to… No more space in my car and this board is kind of “all in one board” for me :crazy_face:

Looks promising and if Mike from Jetsurfing Nation does such good report it`s definately a serious competitor to Flite… at a third of the price. This is really hot!!!

The Plume has a really interesting waterproof outrunner motor:

So Efoilfun, what is your feedback on your SIFly Rider Eco received this April/May 2023?

Well they had massive delay. Bought it at and at first they said 4 weeks delivery time but in the end it was 6weeks! But now that I have it I´m really happy… The quality of this foam board is much better than I thought because it is really stiff and the EVA Top sheet has good grip and looks really good. Check the photo below… The rest of the system (mast, attachments, battery) is pretty much like fliteboard just a bit quieter (or sounds more low frequency) as it has no gear inside. (I`ve ridden this before).
It is amazingly stable with the standard wing and I already tested the Flite Flow 1100 wing on it… Then it basicly feels like a fliteboard that is more quiet and carves really nice;-)
battery lasts usually between 1hour and 30min and 2hours depending on speed (75kg bodyweight)
In my opinion the best you can get at the moment for 5600€, but they had long waitlist, so it took a while to get one :sweat_smile:



I want to add some user experience to this topic.

Yes I was one of the first, ordering a Plume and kept my fingers crossed to get it for around 13 month get one.
But the waiting paid off! After around 20 foil trips I’m still super happy with the product.
It is simple, reliable, powerful and easy to use. I would totally recommend it!

What I totally appreciate is the customer support.
If there are any question just drop a mail and you get an answer very quick.

This is no paid comment, just a happy Plume rider providing his 2 Cents :slight_smile: