The propeller cover takes away my power power

Guys, I wanted to have a propeller times for safety, but with the propeller cover, the board won’t get into my flight. the cover takes about 30 to 40 percent of the power. When I break the cover with it, I fly without any problems. How do you handle it? It’s not safe without a cover.

What is the shape pf your duct? It should have a foil profile, I use the pacificmeister duct and it works.

No duct :joy:



I am foiling since several month without duct (never had one) I had some injuries, but all from the wing. Never hit the prop. Just make shure you release the trigger when you fall, The prop will come to a stop immediatly inside the water.

Seriously, I reinforced the duct fins with two layers of fiberglass and the outside of the duct with a layer of carbon. I haven’t been able to test it yet…

thanks for the tips guys, do anyone have a link to the latest version of the propeller cover with a wing-shaped cross section? ( Last Pacificmeister verzion)

thank you very much😘

Top of this page:
“I am also open sourcing my designs

  • STL Files / Rev3 - May 2018

I have all the props & ducts that I’ve found posted here:

Happy to add them / flush them out as I find them.

I’ve used this @michion duct on the 65161 motor. It works good. But, I prefer no duct. I just put the duct on to let friends and family ride.


Hey there Lukas,

If I’m right this is the standard prop thats sold with the Maytech or flipsky motor. I noticed you trimmed yours, did you notice any improvements on this?

If you are running the 120kv motor what is your motor current at full power and your battery current? With my untrimmed prop i notice that the motor current is around 200% of battery current. Although this, my efficiency is around 50wh/km.