The Rebel E-SURF build

Can guarantee this will be a slow thread, and it can go any direction:) Will take some time and efforts but in the end most of my projects will get there, sooner or later…
First stage will be slightly off the topic here but i really need a easy test board and a base line to compare for further development of the e -version.

So what I will do first:, will run some tests using 3.5 hp outboard motors, that’s about 2,6 kw and trying to optimize hull and propeller around this power, at least for now. I have a small inflatable boat that clocked close to 24 kmh with that power, will get out of comfort zone and try to reach 30 kmh with this power. That will be a challenge, if even possible…

The test platform then? I have a inflatable sup…got an “great” idea(maybe not). Why not use that as plug?
Had some old polyester, light plywood and some epoxy …here we are. Some comments of the build:

  • very stupid idea…next time will just use xps/ eps foam as a core
  • will put zero effort on finish, will leave it at epoxy primer and not smooth anything with putty, this is just a tool for testing. Actually one spot is slightly smoothed, the spot where transom and bottom meet. To “let the water go” so to say, this must be sharp and is one of the most important place to get right when you are over hull speed.
    Actually the sup shape is far from optimal, so to improve the “design” laminated the plug only partly of the full length to get a sharp stern. Still the sides curves in a bit but don think that matters too much in this case

Its easy to make some quick and dirty mods on the hull case needed (add some shape) as its pretty sturdy. Its huge so it also weights a bit guess 25 kg. There is a removable bolt on transom for the motor, will take some more pictures later.


Nice , always wanted to have my boat in my backguard , but I bought hard access house and I just sold my boat …

Nice project , will follow …

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From this morning, final coat of primer and will leave as is. Looks pretty bad but no point spending more time on the hull at this stage, its now water proof enough. The four bolts are for the removable transom board, easy to attach anything. Will glue some EVA foam on deck so its not so slippery


Removable transom now need some paint and its almost ready to go. Need a few grab handles also, will probably only sit during testing the outboard anyway. Will do them simply from hypalon so the board is still simple to throw on a roof rack.
It was a bit tricky to get the spun hub back on the 7 pich propeller, when drilling the 8 pitch clone to 12mm was really careful not to do same mistake. So later this week…interesting to see is the 30kmh a dream far away or not. Think will do testing about 5 clock in the morning, no crowd, otherwise someone might think i need mental medical help:)

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To be on the safe side, as the transom is relative high over deck, wanted to install some removable supports( from deck to transom) . Made some preparations in the stringers for the threaded metal inserts to be epoxied in place. There will be only moderate pull forces on these.

DIY handlebars from hypalon. Much more work than planned…but think they will do the job! Also here at " good enough" standard, no perfection.

Almost there…

What do You guys think, best guess for max speed, test day tomorrow?

Standard 3,5 hp, 2stroke. surf 25 kg i guess, motor 13kg pilot :joy: 75kg.

I think the prop is 7 pitch( plastics crap), at 5500 with some slip should go 24kmh. I dont know if this have a rev limiter or not, if not, hope for 6000 rpm.