Thinking outside the box - Air motors

Just thinking outside the box here. Please be nice to me :slight_smile:

Would an air motor work for propulsion?
A LZL air motor will run up to 9000 rpm, so I guess no gearing will be needed.

Big battery pack will be replaced by a scuba diving tank.
ESC and some electronics are still needed to regulate the airflow to the motor.

I’ve no clue how long an air motor will run on a big scuba tank.

Again. Just thinking outside the box.

Some info (Pocket guide to Air motors) :

Hi Kian,

The motors seem good, but the problem is energy density of pressurised vessels, which is lower than old Lead-Acid batteries.
Efoil would not have worked out practically in the pre-Lithium battery era.

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I believe this topic was discussed long ago. The biggest thing that was different is a compressor was discussed rather than using a tank. I will see if I can find it but this rings a :bell:

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Hmmm… I should have used the search better.
Thank you for pointing me to the post.

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No biggie been studying the knowledge of the prophets for awhile now! :laughing:

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