Tow boogie with directional rudder build

Trying to build a tow boogie with a rudder so we can get it back easily.

Using the VESC 75V 300A, along with the “Maytech Electric Longboard Esk8 Remote 2.4GHZ MTSKR1905WF” that has 2 tigger buttons. We only use the main trigger for the motor, and wanted to use the break trigger to control a servo that would be attached to the rudder.

when contacting Trampa boards about the VESC they said it is not possible because it would require too much current.

when contacting Maytech about the remote, to have the 2nd button control a whole different board/power supply, they said they could program it do that, BUT I would have to buy 200 remotes from them to have them do it.

Any ideas on how to get that other switch on the remote to work with a servo?

Use Bremote! This one can control a servo. Search the forum for Bremote

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I only see 1 trigger on the Bremote and 1 dial switch. not sure how you would use it for speed + direction with only 1 trigger. or do you have an option so you can use another tigger at the same time for direction, one for finger and 1 for thumb?

@BenW have a look at this video. Exactly what you are looking for.

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I have ordered the BREmote PCB’s and have extras if anyone in the US is looking to build a BREmote. I also have some extra magnets, displays, NRF modules both long range and standard range and a couple 14500 batteries. I am just looking to sell them for exactly what they cost and will ship in the US. feel free to message me direct.

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Have you build the boogie with a rudder yet?

When I tried steering with a rudder it didn’t work very well. The motor was so powerful it just seemed to plow forward.

I have not done it yet. Do you have any images or more info on the rudder size and how far in the direction it was going? But sad to hear if it won’t work. Was hoping it would work.

Give it a go and see if you had better luck than me.

I tried a few different options, one was 80mm deep and 50mm long at the back. For testing I used an RC servo and a seperate controller. I 3d printed a gear system to increase the torque.

The other test I did was in the motor pod, it gave a turning circle of 100m or so, so not very practical!

On top of the steering with one/two/three servo.s, the bremote allows differential steering capability to the Rx firmware by connecting two seperate VESC + Motors. Steering is done by slowing down either motor.
This method steers tanks so with two cheap Flycolor 50A ESC controling two 63x4 motors… :thinking:

Why not make a group of two or three servos ?

3D printing gear was a lot easier. I had a 270 degree servo and and only needed approx 90 degrees for the rudder, so got a 3 X torque increase with the gearing. The tourqe wasn’t necessary for steering, 3D printing gears was also quite fun to try.

I came to the conclusion that you would need impractically large rudder to make steering work properly, and that the rudder would be easy to break, and it would something else that the rope could get caught around and tangled with.

Differential steering is a good idea, but does mean 2 x outrunner motors and props which is probably cost neutral with using a larger 65161 motor, but requires more maintenance.

I’ll do a build post in a couple of months when I have have a version that im happy with.

I built a dual motor boogie and found it much cheaper than building one with a 65161. It was less than $300 for two 6384’s and two flipsky 70a Vescs. I am waiting on parts from Ali to build the BREmote so I can try directional control. Im gonna try and start a build thread and will update the progress on steering but the dual motor boogie works awesome.

You might need a keel to get a rudder to work on a flat bottom board…meaning flat compared to a boat.