Trampa Battery Pack


What do you think about the new 12s Lithium 84x 18650/21700 battery pack?
I was thinking abaut, using twoo of them, maby three. You could confugure two packs, eatch with 9s and get 18s.

I’m a bit confused on what their max current output actually is…
I also can’t see the dimensions…

Not much info on bms … fused at 20A/cell so may be a good 100A without too much heat through 2 xt90

Well built but : heavy , expensive and I will not trust no solder Type battery pack on my Efoil

Why? No solder solutions have been very well proven on ebike’s and eskate. Building a pack with welding is just cheaper…

On my Efoil , not to banned
Because I tried and it didn’t work for me: loose connection for one cell during building process with no reason ( fund with the resistance test during charging )
After a couple of « high » speed crash : loose connections between modules and between cells in P : heat , melting , unscrew … always after a long ride ( high amp) and a crash

Since I think I will crash again a lot , I prefer not to have to worry about that

As you said proven on eSkate and ebike

Which modules did you use?

The trampa setup has been tested on mountain boards which have way harder crashes than efoils ever will!

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Modules used are on my built post

Battery box was mounted in front on a 2.4m board, probably not the same type of hit , not the same weight, what can I said , easy ride non problem , last crash the board went up in the air , never started again , had to swim back …

So if someone had success on a Efoil using this Type of cell connection , good for him , I bought a spot welder

Ah you tried the NESE modules. The Esk8 community has redesigned the holders in a much better way so that they don’t ever come loose. The packs are also more configurable.

It would nice if you have a link , I will use thé module for another application , but even on Same P , cells went unbalanced , checked everything several time but in my case , Keeping smashing the hot battery flat didn’t work

Thank you , it is a nice idea but no way I would try 100A on a 8p …

My idee was to make one battery pack out of one set. So i can use them in other builds. and one of the packs will have the vesc in it.

Only the Motor-lines of every projekt has to be connectet and a quick motor set up with the phone.

I think the BMS board from Trampa is just for loading.
The Discharge capacity depends of the cells you use and the 20A fuse per cell.

So i take 2 of these Batterys, put it in a weldet alu box and may weld the Vesc 100/250 to a side of the alu box. For bether cooling.

Witch Connectors would you choose for connecting the fase cables?

These and use a buled connector?

or something like this, 3 times for A B and C.

See here: DIY - budget - high amp waterproof connectors
There are other options, search the forum for waterproof connectors. I would not trust those 3 pin ali connecters, waterproofed AS150 or XT150 work well, I use them for the battery connection in a wet area, no problem so far.