Trampa / VX3 configuration problem

I am looking for help to operate my 65161 motor, I have just connected it to my new VESC TRAMPA 75/300, the detection went well but when I accelerate with my VX3 remote control nothing happens

Hi, in the VESC Tool, select under App UART.

[I’ll try that right away, thanks

In the VX3 settings, select FSESC

Did you get some values from the VESC in the Display from the VX3?

I have the information on my vx3, here is the copy

here is my vx3

And when you pull the trigger, the yellow scale moves to the bottom of the screen?

yes, when I press the trigger the yellow bar moves

And the blue LED is lit constantly on the Bluetooth module?

yes, the blue led is permanently on

And the connection of the module to the esc is made with standard wires with connectors, or did you cut them off?

Do you connect the Receiver with the PPM or only the UART PINs?

with standard files

I am connected with UART wires

I found, changed the type of control, I switched to current instead of "off"163226|690x264](upload://xFdcUY8v6YHn4zkUcx76SSQAhUN.png)

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I see that you get bat. Info on the vx3 remote. Is it bat. Info from the foil battery? Because i am not able to get it in screen of my vx3.

you are well connected in UART ?


yes with uart. But i am not sure if my settings in the wizzard tool is wel done. But somehow i am able to see the vesc temp. In my remote on the display. So rx and tx are connected wel. But bat. Status is not displayed.

Are you able to help me with this?
The cable connection is like this: