Trying to change the receiver on my board any help appreciated

Hi I have gotten this far to see the potted esc and receiver I am trying to instal the fero receiver on my board and don’t know where to go from here any help would be appreciated.

If anyone could tell me what kind of esc and receiver it currently has that would help.

Thank you.

Power up the efoil and measure the voltage on the pins.

Assuming (not always the case!) red is 5v, black is ground, and brown is for the PPM signal. The white lead is most probably for over all pack voltage since it is seperate.

Not having all the cables together means it is probably not tx/rx so set up should be simple, but will mean you probably won’t get feed back from the esc to the remote for temp, amps etc.

I think you have a Chinese CIMI board also sold in the US under the MSLR Electric brand.
Here you can see it is a Maytech remote.
Could you post your request in the CIMI thread ?
'The Surffic / Cimi Sports / Tiki Factory thread - Info for the DiYer
1- This 2020 board, innovative at its time, is a “veteran” and there will / must be other owners with the same issues
2- The board is currently sold under half a dozen brands MSLR, FLITEFOIL, GLIDEFOIL,
3- You’ll find owners and useful info there like the original ESC brand inside the electric box…

It’s this receiver here, from maytech. Should be easy swap with the FeRo remote.


It is possible and i will send you more information over dm. But for everyone’s information these escs do not have a good 5V output. They range from 3v to 6v undervolting or damaging the fero receiver. Please always measure the input voltage, before hooking it up with these escs.

Best regards