Universal faux drive assist clamp


I’m trying to develop an universal faux drive assist clamp for all masts.
Here the first pictures

You just have to turn this screw right or left to tighten or loosen the removable part of the clamp. Thanks to this the clamp adapts to a mast of 14 to 19mm width, and of variable cord.
To attach to the mast, an orange strap tightened around the mast.

For 19mm masts :

for 14mm masts :

Do you possibly have any suggestions for improvement?



A mix with @Strongarm clamp, tooless + really flush ?
'Foil Drive Assist, DIY - #875 by Strongarm


Thanks, very good advice, ideally when you tight the strap it also tights the clamp on the mast. (not sure I will manage to do this on tinkercad … :wink: )