VESC and multiple UART devices?

I have been recording VESC data with Really super helpful to have all this data while tuning the setup. So far the iPhone was strapped to my chest in a waterproof pouch and I can also monitor V/A/Temp in real-time while riding. But I don’t like that big phone dangling around and I‘d rather put it inside my battery box just for logging. And then I need a different way to see real-time data. I have the Maytech v2 remote which ist nice for real-time data monitoring, so would be cool to find a way to connect both these UART devices. I saw this UART splitter project and I reached out to see if I can get one of these. Does anybody have experience with this?

Else I thought I might just ditch the remote real-time data display option, instead add a transparent window to my battery box so I can see the phone screen inside. But I’d rather not deal with waterproofing an additional window.

Or maybe I need to get an Apple Watch to monitor metr on my wrist while the phone in the box? Could be the easiest.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about VESC logging and displaying real-time data simultaneously.

I am working on project that remote logs all VESC data:

VESC doesn’t spit all information automatically on part, you need to send which values you want to read. I am not there to say have a plug and play solution right out of the box but that is the goal


Why do you want to monitor so much data visually while riding?
With a reliable system all you need to know is the voltage. All other systems can be monitored in the background.
The less you are visually monitoring the more attention you pay to the surroundings and the more your foiling improves.

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I Kinda agree with you. I am planning to change the screen layout to show info as required. For example if the temperatures are OK no need to occupy the screen and more important stuff can be scaled for better readability. If the temps are in warning zone display layout will change to show it. Same with rest of the telemetry information. Plus I am thinking have different screen layout so user can choose based on personal preferences


I don’t care about data either. But I do appreciate the people putting effort in to monitoring data to provide to others. Thanks guys!

Agree, once everything is tuned the rider pretty much only needs do see battery bars - until then real-time amps, speed and temperature info is also relevant because I have trouble to remember exactly what load scenario I had during the different session segments. E.g. who was riding, what wing setup was used, were you towing someone, who was towed on what board, … so many changing parameters that are difficult to track and map to all these metr logs I have.

Great project Sami! Thanks for sharing. I really hope you open source this and make it available to the builder community. I have more questions, over to your thread…

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First of all, there is a new esk8 forum, so you might catch ricco there more likely.

Another possibility, which is already available and mostly plug and play would be a CAN-UART “adapter”.
And since every VESC has CAN-forward, you can just use another VESC. Then connect both via CAN-Bus and then you have 1 UART at your main VESC and 1 UART at the second VESC. Still you (need to be able to and) need to tell the app to just read data from the main VESC and not use the other.

So I guess for your configuration it would be the Metr Pro at the second VESC, since you can tell inside the Metr app which VESC sould be used (Settings > Magic > CAN FWD “on” and Settings > Magic > CAN Id "CAN-ID of Main VESC"). And the Remote at the main VESC, since you can’t specify the VESC to read the data from at the Maytech remote.

And so the second VESC is only (ab)used as CAN-Uart adapter and can be the cheapest you can find. Either a used one or maybe something like this.
If you like the adventure you can even buy a broken VESC, e.g. there are many VESC 4.12 with broken DRV. You just have to make sure the STM32, the CAN driver and the DRV 5V-powersupply still work. They might be even cheaper (around 20-30€) than the uSplit :man_shrugging:

Another nice VESC accessory is the new DAVEga X (100€) and the old DAVEga (diy kit 10€ or from flipsky for 30€).
You might even be able to laminate/silicone it on top of your battery box (so you don’t have to cut a window into). Still you have the problem with the 2 Uarts needed. And both DAVEgas don’t have a logging capability (yet). So you still have to have your phone with you.

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Thanks for that creative solution @Giga! I have a couple old 4.12 VESCs myself, yes some with broken DRV :slight_smile:. I will give this a try.

I don’t see how adding this to the remote will help with any of this though. What you need is to be able to label time slots on the Metr app in realtime. That way you can simply input who is riding or add a description like ‘towing’ etc. This also prevent any user looking down too much which is bad for safety!

Yes I want that! Best via voice input from a smart watch. And I want that watch to connect directly to the metr bluetooth (and log on the watch) so I don’t need to carry the phone around. Lot’s of wishes :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that would be quite easy to add to it actually. Drop the developer a suggestion…Otherwise I’ll do it when I get a chance.

The VESC tool works best with Android. So, watch support should be easiest on the Galaxy LTE smart watch I have! :rofl::crossed_fingers::grin:

Hi Merten, any news about it? The guy behind usplit wrote that it is better (safer) to use ppm for the throttle signal and uart for the data. The Maytech remote can do both. Did you managed to get the remote+metr working now with usplit?

I got it working but it wasn’t 100% reliable and I stopped using it. Went back to either metr BT or remote data.

Ahh that’s a pity. Are you using PPM or UART connection for the throttle signal?

Hey. @superlefax pointed this discussion out to me since he is looking to use the uSplit for a similar purpose.

Im sorry to hear the uSplit has not performed well for you. Have you tried updating the uSplit to v0.7 FW? That may fix the issues you have experienced so far. There were a number of reliability related changes made in FW v0.7.

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Thanks @Ricco for jumping in here. I have not updated the FW and only spent very little time testing, It worked well in my garage but I had data trouble on the first water test. Didn’t troubleshoot much what happened yet. @superlefax PPM.

Is it possible to use only UART for throttle and data signal? Does it has any advantages compared to UART+PPM?

I use uart for throttle little bit of latency compare to ppm but not recognizable at all