VESC logs viewer:

Hey people,
I’ve just finished my web viewer for VESC log files similar to
All is still a little fresh and shaky like every new born is. Feel free to try it out.
Let me know what you think, something odd happens, doesn’t look as expected.
Hope you like it.


Added Metr support (CSV upload).


Nice tool! Congratulations! Some quick feedback. The ride path is great, thinner than Metr, much better for viewing. Same goes for the data. Data labels, ride location and legend don’t follow with sideways scrolling. The general stats in the middle take a bit too much space, so the map becomes a bit small. A few things to polish, and it will be amazing. 24h clock would be nice as well. Total stat for consumption and distance seem to be improperly calculated.

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Thank you for the detailed feedback: I know about the stats, still trying to calculate it right. The legend is kind of fixed and I don’t know how to change it (using chart.js) …

time display now fixed (timezone issue), please check

The time is still not correct. The log actually starts at 20:00, or 8pm. Here is the same log in Metr viewer so you can compare. Maybe it helps with the stats as well.

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Well, Metr shows start at 19, Vetr shows 20. What’s correct?

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-29 um 18.03.35

Ah, timezone things again. For me Vetr shows 9:00, which means 9am? Metr time (20:00) is correct.

Strange, I am not sure what I can do here, because it looks correct at my place (20) …

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Hi @DanDyse love your idea.
Do you need some help / contribution to your project ? Perhaps I can help you ?

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Thank you, I have been tweaking the curves a bit as it was a little difficult to calculate if the logs missing some GPS points. I believe it is quite good now. Have added VESC express log support and will add support for FeRo logs as well.

Super ! I didn’t t see a lot or article about VESC express log but I m interested in. I will look in depth. Congrats. :grinning:
About Fero, device seems great but impossible to find it in real. Except for early adopters.

Now the apps from wavrx “the dashboard” is out of internet "error 505 "lol so can you think you can do it for illoger files logs? Because we can’t read the data from illoger since now😭

Just send sample log files and I’ll take a look.

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Exact ! I saw the same ! Dashboard wavrx is down.

it seems that wavrx dashboard is back ! :grinning: But Posting logs doesn’t seem to be UP yet.

@sniper for your information, iLogger API is back and 100% OK :grinning:

Yes thanks i see that and don’t understand why but it’s cool because dandyse don’t succeed to read the logs

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@DanDyse hi, I say your post on Vesc Discord about VESC Express logger. Could you please ask me how you solve the probleme please because I have gps but no logs - always the same message: “Nothing to log … make sur everythoin on canbus has staus message enabled” Discord

[EDIT] solved CAN ID must be ‘-2’ and not ‘2’ in logUI.

Very interesting … I returned it and received replacement. I have tried it once and it seemed to work, haven’t used it since then.