Vesc Maytech MTSPF7.5HK SUPERFOC 300A 400A 75V V75

I want to buy a new VESC Maytech the MTSPF7.5HK SUPERFOC 300A 400A 75V V75, can someone tell me if it works well and if it is reliable?

Everything named Superfoc I wouldn’t buy :joy::joy::joy:


A superfoc would be great for sure. Better than a causal foc.


What motor do you want to use it for? Might be overkill for a 65161/2. It is also rather heavy and bulky. I know someone who is sucessfully using it with a big 10 kW 85165 motor.
For this price you could also get a Trampa VESC 75300 or two 75200 knock-offs.

thank you for your feedback, i want to use a 65161 and am looking for a good vesc as i bought a flysky 75/200 and it never worked properly and last time it shorted, luckily i have installed a 100A fuse on my battery because I would have damaged it

I would buy a 75/300 trampa but a lot of people have grilled it on the forum where there is also the Go-FOC HI200 from Maker but I don’t know if it’s a good vesc

Most grilled 75300 died due to moisture or water ingress. Water on the FETs kills every (V)ESC, I had 2 FlierESC‘s and one 75200 fried because of water. In saltwater, one drop is enough.
I run a makerX 75200 in FOC with FW 5.1 and a 63100 outrunner. After I got the settings right, It works really well.
If you get a Chinese VESC clone, check the pcb for solder or other bits that could cause a short, quality control is more like „put this sticker here“…
The 75200 makerX hi200 is a clone of the A200Sv2 and runs 75300v3 Firmware. Be careful when setting it up, you can fry it if you leave motor current limmit on 420A.

thank you, I am going to move towards a markerX and I will install it in an aluminum box in passive cooling (without water) will the cooling work, if the aluminum box is in a large closed compartment in the board?

Better to have a heatsink connected to the ouside or the mast/basplate (if they are from aluminium).
Mine gets max 70 degrees (vesc log).
See here: Daniels (un)geared inflatable (slowly built) - #72 by sat_be

For the Flipsky, was it faulty due to the wrong resistors?


I asked them the question, he said no but I have a doubt, I would have preferred him to tell me yes that the resistances are not good, I would have taken the same with the good resistances, it that’s why I’m looking for another VESC!

When did you buy it? Which source?

I am just connected the flipsky 75/200 to a 8kv continuance 12090 out runner.on upgrade bodyboard project 90mm jet pump.
Was running slow not pulling more than 20 amp out of the battery.
I assume its programed to limit the power.
I will try tomorrow to take off the limitations. Or push it to 150 anp.
I really hope no nasty surprise:)

I bought it on 11/24/2020 on aliexpress

That’s early, for sure it had wrong design. I bought mine later and it was also faulty

@sat_be How are you keeping condensation and moisture away from the VESC? I am working on a build and will be using in SF Bay area ocean (50-55 degree F water) and am concerned that inside the aluminum waterproof enclosure there will be condensation.

Some people fill it with corrosionX but that might be bad for the heat pad (dissolve it over time). Mine is not inside an aluminium box but just in the battery compartment. I leave it open after each use, so condensation can dry. I live in dry climate though.

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My 75/300 still working but full of moisture , what I did :


Hello Alexander
how do you cool your VESC

@Alexandre Can you provide a description of what you did? For example, did you apply FSC to the entire VESC board and components? Thanks!