VESC problems-need some help

I’m trying to puzzle through the VESC tool, and have come up to a dead end.
I’m using Flipsky 75200 and 65161 motor with a VX3 remote, firmware version 5.02. Nothing exploded when I hooked up my batteries, which I was happy with. The motor runs smoothly, but the throttle response is wonky. At about 60% throttle travel, the motor will ramp up immediately to 85% duty cycle, then increase to 95% by about 65% throttle travel, and stay there to 100% throttle travel.
I have used settings advised by Flipsky, and the helpful walkthrough here:

(Except for selecting a Medium inrunner and leaving poles at 14, since I’m not sure what changing them affects). I’ve mapped and remapped the throttle position through the input setup wizard. I’ve tried mapping the throttle exponentially up to 100%, reconnecting and rebooting everything. Not sure what to try next.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are you testing the motor with a prop in water? The motor will max out speed in air with only a few % throttle.

Great question!

When you firts set up your VESC, you need to run the wizard so you can calibrate max current, poles, direction, etc. You do this without propellors - yeah?

Do people re-run the wizard with propellor in the water?

It was a dry test, but got no motor engagement at all until the throttle was mostly engaged, then abruptly up to 85% duty cycle

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Thanks Strongarm. I changed to 6 poles, and the motor responds now at 10% throttle. Of course it will spin up quickly with no load! I applied some friction to the shaft, and it acted more reasonably under a small load. (note to self, wear a glove next time.) Hopefully will get a chance for a sea trial this weekend. Will post a build thread once I get version 1 on foil.

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The motor / vesc needs a lot of resistance to work proper.
No way you can test it out of the water (not even holding it by hand)

I have exactly the same components so following this should get it going

Others are correct in saying bench testing doesn’t yield good results, but in my case the motor would spin at high rpm with very little throttle.

I did encounter some startup issues where things didn’t work reliably - consistently and I traced that to a bad solder connection I had done on one of the motor connectors on the VESC. Once I redid those connections the motor spun consistently. NOTE don’t spin the motor for more than a few seconds dry or there is possibility of damaging the ceramic seal.

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'Search results for 'duty current control' -

You can have a look here at @Ackermann and @strassa explanation, + whole @Tigeriki pb description
'New 200A Vesc based Flipsky ESC - #105 by Ackermann

If you want to regulate the speed with a VESC

  • in air, switch to Duty Cycle control (voltage = rpm),
  • in water, switch to Current Control (amps = torque).