Vincent's build

Hi Vincent !

I see that you started with a oil-cooled motor from Alien back in october but changed to Pacificmeister’s built with an Inrunner + Gearbox.
Can I ask you why you changed your initial plans ? The oil-cooled motor didn’t work after all ?
I’m asking because I’m going for a 4kW 100Kv motor watercooled too.

Have a good ride in switzerland ! Maybe You’ll see the SeaBubbles cruising around someday !


Yes at the bigining I start with cooling motor with oil. But I burn my motor. Still don’t no if it’s because the oil who conduct or for overheating.

And the pod was to big.

The k-race 70 litres…google it…

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How did you attach the Solas prop to the shaft?

Hey Vincent, watching your recent video, I thought you could show us your latest board and remote controller updates…:wink:

That looks really good! Did you do the coding for the remote?

Yes. In fact we do with my brother! We have to do some more think like battery capacity number and radio canal!

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Your Crazy Foil hydrofoil: is it same as in 2018 ? Are you using two wings front and rear with positive lift ?

I use both. The old one and the new. The new is lighter and is able to go faster!

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On the top of your board, you seem to use 4 latches instead of 2 plus 2 hinges (world premiere ?) Are you happy with this solution which saves a lot of pull stress on the board where the hinges are.

How many amps do you pull in flying mode ?

Yes so much happy. I test it until 1m deep. No leak. But I have design and printed my own latches because I didn’t find any 100% waterproof for a decent price!

No data yet but around 50min with 30ah

Will you show us close ups of all these details ? Your ESC is a Hobbywing 130amp. Which drive train parts are you using at the moment ?

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Nothing new. Sss500kv + 5.1 reduction

Have you also your own efoil? Didn’t see any pictures from your build?

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Hello Vincent

the new crazy foil, do both wings create lift? Or is it like all other foils that rear wing creates downforce?

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The old are both positive but the new is negative at the back

Hi. New design for a new year! Which one is the best for you. 1: Hawaï 2:tech


I prefer Hawaii…


To help who don’t have skills with battery, I have made a instruction documentation with all the need link to build a 12s10p battery.

Please it’s not a official document. Keep in mind battery are dangerous and I’m not responsable for any damage.


Battery instruction by Vincent Braillard
STL files