Vincent's build

Hello everybody.

Now my build is working well and because by following all you comment help me a lot I want to share few details with you. May be it can give you some ideas or help you.

I began with same motor and reduction of @pacificmeister. After I follow My own way!

Propeller: solas 71/4 x 6
Batterie 8s 20ah but place to have 12s and 40ah
Max speed 23 kmh
Foil. Crazyfoil
Board: 70l
Remote and reciever: home made


and here some datatest

Note that the temp was taken direct on the esc . The water pump is a car glaswash pump


very nice, monday i will try 2 modified solas propeller and i have a new one coming, you get about 1800-2000w ? i think the solas works better with a 56mm motor …
23km/h is impressive on 100KV with 8s

Beautiful work :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you. It is s 56mm motor. Tell us how it work

What is the pipe on the 3rd picture from the bottom, cooling tube? Antenna? 2 bolts next to it are mast plate mount? Very clean build! !

Hi @Vincentbraillard

Very nice build!
Can you tell me the name of the board?

Greets from switzerland :blush:

Its the same to pacificmeister. A k-race

Interesting the way you have the “canard” stab wing on the front :slight_smile:

The aluminium tube… the output of cooling water loop. thank you for the clean build

Love the build, just about to order my motor etc. Would a larger motor give better top speed and could the same gearbox take a larger motor?

Hello. I use the motor only between 2000 and 3000 watt because I have only 8s. If you want to go with higher speed, just use 12s and a propeller with higher pitch…

Hi Vincent, very nice build.
I’m really curios about the foil wings setup.
Could you tell us more about the reverse layout of Main wing / stabiliser?
Shape, material, dimensions and why the main wing is on the back?

Hi. Thank you.
Sorry but I just follow the manual! And follow this setup!

But it seem to be very stable after some test. Even when the foil go out of water!

Practice in progress…


Working hard on the remote!


  • remote bat level
  • Board bat level
  • Throttle curve parametric
  • Max power set
  • ESC temperature
  • button for speed regulator
  • automaticly go in sleep mode after 5min of no action (1year battery life)
  • wake up after pushing the button


Nice! How are you waterproofing the buttons?

@g.gregory8 I have buy this button and 3.3 hall sensor effect. work perfectly


Today we have officially done the first efoil meeting in switzerland … thank you so much to @Clarin for your kind help. my wings configuration need definitively to be improve :wink:
But it was so nice running together


Salut Vincent,
Cool day, maybe next time will more to join us

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