Volker's second build (shorty)

Gota improve the watercooling, this one was made of junk from my shop.
Quick and dirty :crazy_face:
And no thermal coupling grease :dizzy_face:
At least, i am happy, Vesc didnt Drop any faults

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Nice trip on Donau

Cooling is not made for 120A continous, but performs well enough


Amazing build!I want to use the same motor but i am not sure about waterproofing it.How did you make it waterproof?Are you having any issues?Can you link me to a thread that shows how to waterproof it or tell me how you did it?Sorry for all these questions but i’m trying to figure things out!

I did same as with my 80100

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Can you share the 63100 SS bearings to bought ?
Also, which epoxy did you use to waterproof your motor ?



I use these

2 Stück Kugellager 10 x 19 x 5 mm der Miniatur 6800 Keramik weiß Kugellager ZrO2 https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07QC6T3WK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TLalFbBTH2NW7

Until now works good


Thanks guys !

I bought this 63100 :

On his way to me. I’ll make a quick and dirty build too running on 14S with the 130kV version.

To anyone wondering if the back bell has holes like on the picture, I can confirm it has. Here is a picture of it. The rotor is balanced as well.

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10s is amazing- what prop version do you recommend?

at the moment I still drive 12s. but 10s would be just fine. the 156 works wonderfully with the 63100 and RL foil

…and your particular weight :sweat_smile:

Damn those skinny guys😉

for those with the “new” 63100

I have in mind a cheap 8s max 150/200peak controller. Do you think that this ESC will work with this setup: 63100 outrunner / 80kg rider / Gong Curve L font wing ?

Sorry, i dont know. Test it :+1:
I guess it would Work.

I modified you prop slightly for a different 63 outrunner.
It the 63100 from Freerchobby. I just need to drill and tap holes in the back of the can.
It printed beautifully, without support or anything. I used PETG. Can’t wait to test it out

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I hope it will work well :love_you_gesture:

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I’m also thinking about buying one, a friend of mine building electric skateboards and doesn’t like their size, so I can get these quite cheap.

Is it 140KV?
How are you going about drilling it?
Print a drilling jig?

Your friend build an eskate with 63100s? Thats a massive motor for eskate. Most mountain boards don’t even use motors this size…
I build an eskate too, with dual 6354s. More then enough power already.

I chose the 100kv version since I’m going to use it on 16s. And yes you are right. I will print a simple drill guide. And then tap the holes.

Yeah, drilling it centred seems to be a challange with that one