Volker's second build (shorty)

Total 19,1kg
118cm * 55cm * 9,5cm
RL foil
APS 63100
12s10p Samsung Q30’s
AS150 Antispark as connectors and switch
Flipsky Vesc 200A
Metr dongle
Maytech remote
Ampere/Watt/Volt meter
2,83€ cheap water Pump

KISS. Thats all.

The battery compartment ist big enough for my 12s16p, then i get 22,4kg total.

Many steps like motor waterproofing, Battery build are similar to my first build


Some Impressions Hotwire & sanding

And laminating


I made some grooves for a better grip, so the clamp cant slip.
The big clamp is a 80100 and much bigger :flushed:


Nice build. Can you share the dimensions of your board? And info like total build cost and time.

Pretty cool with the complete wood insert holding both foil base, battery and electronics. Any specific reason why you did that in wood and not carbon fiber?

My first Prop

And the log:

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Easy to work with :crazy_face:

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it sure is - the KISS part in your first post :slight_smile:

just wondering as you seem to have some focus on the total weight. Nice numbers - 48wh/km at 32 kph

Looks great @V_S! I really admired your first build too. I used the mast clamp from that one and just tested for the first time and it worked very well. Thank you!!

Nice work! Also building with focus on low weight and size. 53 liter.

Will get a scale to measure total weight.



If you need a mastclamp and dont want to grind your Mast, here is a normal Version of my Clamp:

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New Prop, better hub, better printable, less Pitch.
Logs soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Edit: No Log, cause 161 is better.


New Prop, new Log.
I guess, only minor improvements necessary


Nice one, 39 Topspeed with 90A Battery 9% Slip
and 48Wh/km slow cruising


4 hole mount with 5mm centerhole for balancing


Great builds, thanks for sharing all your findings. I just got my foil up and running, and am starting to get the kinks worked out enough to think about optimizing. I see your consumption is quite low compared to what I’m seeing with mine. I’m guessing you’ve put quite a bit of thought and testing to get to where you’re at now. Any idea which are most important for achieving good efficiency… foil, power system, prop, weight, etc? Thanks!

  1. Foil and weight.
    The RL Foil (got the “old” one, it is amazing in terms of consumption). My weight of board&rider is 95kg. My son with only 23kg can foil with 350-450W at 22 kmh (-:

  2. Motor and Prop.
    Maybe a FR Motor can deliver more Power over all, runs smoother, is waterproof and so on. But: compared with FR, Flipsky 65150, 80100, the 63100 is amazing in termes of consumption. Some people say, a 6384 is even more efficiant.
    I put a lot of time and energy into improving my propellers. The Prop is very important. 2mm bigger or smaller, 10mm Pitch more ore less makes “huge” difference.
    My expierence: If the Prop is 2mm off, or Pitch is 10mm off the sweet spot, consumption raises about 10-15%. And the waste of Energy stacks.
    That means: a Prop 3mm off optimal Diameter and maybe 15mm off Pitch can have already about 50% more consumption.
    Turning down a Yamaha or Solas Prop is like gambling. You may have luck. Or not.


hello from france yeah you working hard for the props test!beautifull job! i see you print without support can you share yours printer setting for testing… i want to test this design with the pm design…
if my gear box die i would test the flipsky 65161 100 120 kv from banggood it s only 300 $ and with your nice props it s good

Good News:
I could get my 39kmh Topspeed with only 120A Motor current instead of 150A with the 158mm Prop. In guess, this one is even better.

Current / Slip / and Wh/km are average from multiple Logs. So they may be a bit off and not 100% true, more a rough orientation.


44V, 72% dutycycle, 120A Motorcurrent.
That would equal 33V 95% dutycycle.
I guess i’ll go for 10s. Even with almost emty Liion (3,3V) i could get Topspeed.
No need for higher Voltage with this high kv (140) Motor


Hi man, can you please contact me