Shorty 2 (Volker‘s third)

Time has gone, since i posted any update, but i want to share my lastest build.
To be able to drive with my son at the same time I built a second board. Almost same like Volker’s second build (shorty)
With some improvements.

Only one central screw cap.
Waterproof 65161 Flipsky.

12S6P 21700 (space enough for 12s12p)
Vedder Vesc six Dongle
Cheap Remote
Flipsky 65161 120kV
RL Foil.
Handshaped (XPS) and hand laminated board, 2 layers 245g Carbon, 1 thin top layer glass.

Total weight 17kg. 118cm long, 90cm mast.
I still have a few cooling problems. But they can be solved easy.

Propeller, Spacer and cap
Propeller and cap Printer PLA, no coating
Spacer PETG

Mastclamp RL PETG (cut in Cura at 50mm)
(Mast has to be filed 10mm at the back))



Build impressions:


Big Realtime data

Waterproofed remote:


Nice! I have just started to use my rl foil, comparing it to my other setup (gong curve LT and stab curve pro clear 43cm) it’s similar but i think less efficient and i like the Gong feel better. I have the old elliptic rear wing though, might be an improvement with the new rear wing?

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The old and the new rear wing are almost identical.
What makes a big difference in both is the angle of attack of the rear wing.

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But my rear wing doesn’t have the upturned edges and is a lot larger than yours

Looks like the one on shorty1 old RL fuselage

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Yes, that’s the one. It’s like a locked in feel of it, it’s easier but more ”passive” to ride while the gong is sort more direct jumping up, down when leaning forward or rearward. Is the new one a bit looser (thinking about buying one to replace my current wing)?

Shim the front of the backwing up, about 1,5mm and you get the direkt aktiv reaction on input of weight shifting

Great, thanks, i’ll try shimming it.

How does the throttle work on the waterproofed remote?

Nice as usual :slightly_smiling_face:
What’s the width and weight of our board (alone) ? What glue have you used to assemble the XPS blocks ? Would appreciate couple picts of the battery assembly process.

I also have RL wing set like @Larsb .
Can you give little more info on shiming.
Did you shim front up or down?

No glue, it is cut out of one single piece

This shim is for the “old” RL fuselage

The new one needs 5 stripes Waterbottle PET at the Frontedge

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Same as before

I have old RL wing.
It is good wing, ihope this will make it little more responsive.
I will try to shim, and se the difference.

Limited erpm due to Temperature issues, anyway i could depleat the battery completly.
Nice conditions here in Kroatia

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How much of a pitch for da propa bro

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This setup is ok for 40+km/h with 12s and a 120A Vesc

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