99cm (Volker‘s fourth)

How much eFoil do you need?

I tried.

Goal: 10kg, so my son can carry it by himself.
Some specs:

99cm * 48cm * 6cm
12s4p VTC6 (optional 12s4p 21700 50s fit in as well)
Vesc six

Similar build like shorty 2, but without wooden box. Full Carbon. The finished board was 2kg. Additional Coating, Stupid round screwcap weights 400g + glue and screws. 400g Vesc (including cooling & metr and receiver). EVA pad 170g; 2400g battery i am at round about 5,5kg.

My old RL setup with 63100 is 5850g.
Final weight total 11,35kg.
Next step: Building weight optimized carbon mast with 6384 and carbon fuselage. That should save at least 1,35kg.

My kids only need 8A batterycurrent flying, 15-20A starting. So the setup is fine for at least 1h, even with plenty starts.

Maiden flight was today (me).
What can i say?
I dont need more than 99cm :hugs:

Cutting templates shorty 2 (118cm) VS 99cm

Side by side

perspective is savage

proof even adults can ride it:

Current limit motor 99A (and aditional limits like erpm, current batt, Power, SPACE for riding🤪)

Submarine start


Good to see someone starting sensibly and not trying to stand up too early! It makes a world of difference when you start with the right amount of speed.
I love this build!

I love this build. VERY NICE !!!

Rider weight 80kg, 4p VTC6. Old 63100 with screaming ballbearings, but works.
Good for 10km range.


Have you noticed any problems with touchdowns and the sharpish square shape of the front of your boards? I would assume the sharper corners might cut down and get stuck in the water?

No issues with touchdowns. The nose is tilted up more than enough.

Yes, but sometimes i drop down during turns and touch the water, especially in higher waves. I’m concerned that a square low volume front corner like that gets caught in the water, causing a crash. How is that working for this board shape?