88cm (Volker's fifth)

How much eFoil do you need?

I tried it. Again.

Almost same build like 99cm, just a bit smaller (-:
Daughter wants a pink one with white dots (-:

Some specs:
88cm * 44cm * 5,5cm (15 Liter) with round hatch
Up to 12s4p 21700 (2 times 6S4P), usually Kids run on 6s
AS150 connectors
Vesc six MKVI & metr, cheap remote
KISS as always. Nothing fancy.

Cutting templates shorty 2 (119cm) VS 99cm VS 88cm

Rough shaping

Building the box: (thickest part 18 Layers 245g/m ~6mm thick)

Insert Box in Board:

More hotwire action & handsanding:

Buildpics before topcoat: (3 Toplayer, 2 bottemlayer, and an additional layer above and below the box)

Toplayer Glass (Epoxy & colour)
& final Topcoat with thickend Epoxy (2,5% Thixotropiermittel) & colour

Cutout (6mm thick) Mastmount

119cm - 88cm - 99cm

Waiting for EVA foam and registration number.
Buildtime about 2 weeks, most time waiting for epoxy to cure.

Future plan: Carbonmast, cheap 6384 and a simple 6.7 makerbase Vesc. Just as proof of concept.


Thats awesome! I love the thin boards.

Really small but how do you keep the nose down at starts? Seems like a nightmare, i find my 115cm board hard enough!

Should not be a problem.

Maybe i’m just too stiff… Technique tips appreciated😉

I guess the stab can be turned to lessen the effect :upside_down_face:

How early are you standing up? If you are an adult of average size, you basically want your shoulders above the nose so that the board is very close to nose in the water at start…

No way to start a small board like that. Shoulders above the boardnose isnt far enough.
My Sternum is above the nose of my 99cm.
On this board, i guess its the bellybutton :crazy_face:

This is exactly what i mean, on my 115cm shortboard the upper body is mostly hanging in the air during starts, just a small throttle change gets me a nosedive. On 88cm i’d be having to sit on the front edge or something like this😃

Starting with 99cm :woozy_face:


Still you lift quite ok. I really should lose some weight :bacon: :meat_on_bone: :cut_of_meat: :smiley:


New board needs a matching remote.

Of course a BREmote


Projekt Carbonmast final stage.
More work than expected :roll_eyes:


Real nice. The fillet seems a bit small to me. But thats only a gut feeling comparing the big fillers on most commercial masts.

Fillet ist 12 small layers in the Corner and additional 18 bigger layers 245g/m²
I hope, its enough

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This is the cut off part of the fillet before sanding


How much does it weigh and length? I thought about trying a mast build eventually since they are so ridiculously priced. What did you find most challenging?

Mast 80cm 1400g
Motormount additional 55g
Mastplate and fillet 310g

Overall 1775g with a thin Topcoat

Cant say, what was most challenging, it was overall more work, organising plenty layers, Position of everything, thickness, sanding, stuffing in Vakuum, without everything moving around or cutting the bag (sharp edges) and much more.
Everything doable, but i admit to have some expierience with some simpler stuff Like a Board :crazy_face:

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2960g Mast, Motor & Propeller :hugs:


wow! this is a master piece!