6384 3d printed propeller

Can anyone share a 2 or 3 blade prop design/ STL for an 6384 outrunner? With tge 4 holes sligned… I will post results of its use / variations / plan to reinforce with epoxy…

Hi Marce,

you can use my folding Prop. Its based on the Prop of @V_S s fixed 2 blade prop. So you can also use his one. Just search our posts. They should be easy to find.

best regards Michael

Should work.

No need of reinforce.

Thanks you very much to both of you!


Thanks for this design. I’m trying to learn more about propellers. Can you tell me what each of the parameters you have listed are for? Obviously 156 is the diameter but unsure what the rest correspond to.


Hey Volker, how does it perform? And is there a version that fits onto Flipsky 65161 motor?
Since I am a beginner at 3d printing - any material advise?
Thank you!

156 diameter, 0.39 Area ratio, 1.09 pitch/dia, means pitch is 1.09*156/25.4 = 6.7inches

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Have a look here

How much do you weigh and what accessories would you replace if you upgraded

@V_S have you tested your props with a 6384 or 6374 assist on 12s or 10s? Or perhaps someone else? I tried the 1.09 with 6374 but only with 8s not suffucient no surprise, going 12s soon

they are optimised for 12s.
88cm first Test was with 154 1,0

Updated Version, including support for easy printing:


Is PLA your preferred filament for the prop? How is the durability, and would you suggest the blades are printed with a high wall count for strength?

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Is it possible to get the same propeller for the opposite direction (for a two motor tow buddy)? Thanks in advance. I will share three design files for my tow buddy soon. Still need a propeller solution to test it…

you can use tinkercad to mirror it and get opposite rotation.


thank you. Sometimes my brain needs a small push… :slight_smile:

This can be done directly in a slicer, such as Bambu Studio or Orca Slicer.