Waist leashes - which ones do you like?

Looking into waist leashes. What waist leashes are you all using? And why do you like them?

I use a kite reel leash attached to a belt, or to my shorts/seat harness. Love it, keeps leash out of my feet and away from foil

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I’ve been using the Leashlok waist leash for several years. last year the fitting broke, but I’m hand-tying my leashes anyway so no big deal. That said, I wouldn’t recommend it. The sticky part of the velco faces out and is abrading my wetsuit arm, which is a bummer.

The NSI wingsurf waist leash is what I would buy if shopping today

I’ve not tried any big waves but isn’t that when you want/need a leash?

I’d be worried about leash dragging me into a somersaulting tumbler together with a 30kg board with a sharp foil on.
What do you think? Not likely to happen?

I have never had the leash drag me into the board. Sometimes the board is dragging me by the leash when a wave catches it - if the board flips over, it drags me pretty good. But mostly I come up and the board is floating there nearby waiting for me.

Larsb, we’re talking about wing foiling, not efoils so the weight is more like 6-10kg and you don’t get dragged.

If you’re surfing around others you have to wear a leash and for wing foiling your board blows away faster than you can swim.

But no, efoils don’t seem to need leashes at least from my limited experience.

Right, i guessed the efoil wouldn’t need one.

I’m using an Armstrong waist leash on my wing and a standard surf leash on my ankle/board. The Armstong comes with a quick release that accidentally released on me (twice) so I took it off. I didn’t realize it had released once and I turned around in horror to see the wing floating away. Luckily I was in shallow water and the wind didn’t pick it up or it would be on its way to the UK.