Wanted broken lift batteries and eboxes

I’m looking for some broken lift batteries and eboxes if anyone has or knows of any. In UK would be ideal but if they are elsewhere we can discuss shipping and logistics etc.

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I’m curious as to what you’ll do with them? Do you have some lifts to repair?

I have a lift board and mast that I got for a really good deal. I don’t like their electronics they use so I want to hot rod the speed controller and battery with my own config.

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Aha! :+1: good luck with the frankenlift build then :grinning:

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I just figured I needed a board that was always ready and easy to use when I am modding the others… Kinda blown away at how heavy the Lift boards are though!

What do they weigh in at? (In which size?)

Maybe those battery boxes fit as well? Check the size;-)
waterproof Battery box

This Mantafoil 2019-20 box edition needs 95mm under the hatch which is quite thick and not usual. The price is interesting though…

I got the 3F which is slightly heavier, but it comes in at 13.4kg which o thought was pretty heavy. Although my DIY board is on the light side at 8kg I think.

13.4kg with board only?
Seems like a lot, especially for a commercial product at that price level.

It might be because they need to build them tough. The foil companies get a lot of flack if their boards aren’t strong and idiot proof. So I guess building them strong means heavy…

But I can’t lie it’s going to be nice to just have a turnkey board until I finish the customisations on my existing boards and the foil assist unit.

The LIFT boards are CNCed without board bottom.
So the 11kg extra weight come from the bullet proof battery compartment built above a thick composite bottom chosen to bear the strain of the tiny mast plate able to support a 150kg human load plus a 30kg battery… It would be interesting to weigh the hatch only…

Credit LIFT website video 2021 06 30:

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CNC/thick bottom/whatever is the same for all efoils so it seems like poor optimisation to me - but i guess a failed board is not acceptable when the customer has paid 12000USD, even though customer might have behaved like an idiot…

No it isn’t the same for all efoils. For comparison purpose : Volt 4 bare boards : 100/55 L = 8/5.5 kg
The mast plate is backed with a thick but light foam part of the board like PWR, Waydoo, SiFly, CIMI, … the real optimisation.
LIFT or FR plate is backed with a thin, strong but heavy composite thickness.

I have 3 failed Lift batteries, in London UK.
2 have the red dots, one is fine but has a electronic pin stuck in.

I’m interested in your progress. Have you completed the work with the battery? What was your approach?

One with the pin stuck is salvageable as you can replace the data connector.

The red batteries all depends on how low the cells have gone.

I managed to get a couple’s batteries. Salvaged 1, harvested cells from 2 others.

The lift cases are ridiculously heavy. 5kg for just the case and BMS. I’ve actually started building up custom batteries with lighter cases and less cells so the fool feels more sporty.

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Ok great. What’s the best way to take this fwd ? Where about are you in the UK ?

I ordered a new connector from mouser.
Have you got the 5 pin or 8 pin data connector?
Getting it out the battery housing is a hard because it’s tight.

Ultimately you need to:
Use a paint scraper and rubber mallet to knock the battery case loose.
Disconnect main power connector and data cable.
Remove cells from case.
Then get into the tightest corner ever to unscrew the nut on the data connector.
Then desolder the connector and solder the new one back in.
Then put it all back together again…

It’s actually a bit of a faff.

I’m slowly going away from using lift components in my board because they expensive and the open source stuff is actually nicer.