Water proof boxes

hi friends, i’m having water infiltration problems can you tell me where to buy waterproof box for batteries and esc? thanks

I used acrylic. Works good.

Aluminum boxes work good for the electronics.

Have you some pictures?

@Flightjunkie , I was wondering how you fit that battery into the Lift board? What is the thickness in mm?

It just barely fits. Total battery box thickness can’t be thicker then 3 1/4" (82.55mm).

And all of the Lift board hatches leak. It’s not designed to be a dry compartment, so the battery box and electronics enclosure must be very waterproof. I added a 3m tape secondary seal to the lid. That help it seal better.


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Thanks for the tip. My E1 is leaky as well.

I am planning to my own box as well for 14S14P.

you can get some here:

but this takes max 14S12P

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