Watercooling Flipsky FSESC75200

I’ve ordered a Flipsky FSESC75200 with watercooling enclosure. Regarding watercooling:

  1. The ESC has two water intake ports, and two water outflow ports. Will I have to use both circuits to effectively watercool, or can I just use one? Four hoses seems like a lot to try and cram into the mast.

  2. I’m planning to run one intake hose up to the nose of the motor clamp assembly so it draws in water passively while moving through the water… but where should the outflow be routed? Maybe run it out a hole in the bottom of the motor tube just in front of the propeller duct?


close watercooling circuit with pc 90mm fan /radiator and pump run on 12v/3s batterie…works pretty well

Interesting… I never thought of a closed circuit. But unless the fan is vented outside, wouldn’t the whole battery compartment in the board just heat up?

Working fine

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Cool. I only see two hoses–so you’re only using one water intake/discharge? Where is the open end of your discharge hose located?

Right at her beautiful back

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So you can see while foiling if it’s still working

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Frankly speaking you don’t even need the fan . I ran it without the fan it does not heat up. The 75/200a vesc does not heat up on 12S …

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Of course it can heat… all depend your weight, board size, wing size, prop ect. Some will get away with a passive heatsink others will need active water cooling.

correct . so for 160cm Lx 60x15 cms board on 80 kgs foiler with front wing of 1250 cm2 on 12S never warm up 1h30 smooth ride
even on agressive ride in wave foiling for 45minutes getting not hot on passive cooling

I know how to foil, I take off at 22% on 10 m

but on vesc 60V/100A on 12 S getting extermelly hot …so 75V/200A on 12S i believe does not warm up so much but on 14S or 16S I m sure it does

Hi! We will have to use two entrances, they are large. The problem is that there is a partition inside, it divides the camera into two. I’ve been hiding it. Put a splitter in front of the entrance. Or open the lid and make a passage in the distillation. But it’s not easy to open!

Inside it looks like this.I’ll use a drill and a dremel to make a passage.


That’s an excellent idea–especially if it doesn’t get so hot that you really need two water circuits (which seems to be the case).

Very nice pic , now we know :+1:

I just connected two of the ends together with a short piece of hose so it became one continuous channel with the input&exhaust on the same side. Ram water pressure only just like Lift. Exhausts out a hole under board also like Lift. Works great I have several hundred miles on the board already

I guess you can only do that after making a passage , worked for you but it can be different for someone else ( weigh wing speed …)

Or big outlet to small one and water in ( the other big outlet ) water out on the other small outlet

I plan to plugg the small outlets and make a passage as well but I’ve not figured out how to remove the lid in a good way. I’ve removed the 4 screws that were supposed to attach the lid somewhat but I realised that they were just glued in there… I guess that the screws were M2.5 and should be M3. Either way, how did you remove the lid?


Hi! Since I don’t need a lid in my system, I messed it up! Drilled a hole and cut the thread, screwed the bolt and squeezed it out. You can try to pick it up with something sharp and durable. But you can ruin the edge of the lid and the case.