Waterproof connection between mast and board

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@SoEFoil We’re off-topic but…my 2c: what you consider as your mold could be your plate (with obviously some modifications around the mast + screw holes) filled with a silicon seal as my above pict (@Jezza credit David from FR). Seal thickness: plate pocket depth + 1mm.
Better still, you could create an inner waterproof pocket inside the silicone to welcome the 3+1 connectors. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Like that:
1- no mast below the electrical box: the mast is fixed to the whole board thickness and not to the 2 or 3cm of the bottom of the waterproof box,
2- no water ingress from the board bottom. A 40° chamfer facing the board nose would then be welcome.

@SoEFoil I like the way you think very creative.

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What is the purpose of this thread, are we trying to create a waterproof seal between mast and board?

ok yes as well as any other accessories

At least 2 possibilities:
A- Thin plate without connectors like FR + modified pict below to let the 3+1 tubes
B- Thick square seal with a pocket in a thick plate to welcome the 3 electrical connectors + water quick disconnect coupling made by CPC like LIFT. The thick plate (mount mold.jpeg ) could be recessed into the board to be flush with the board bottom.

Sorry, my response was not meant to be harsh. It was simply a more direct question.
So I have 2 solutions for the above.

  • For the FR motor unit I use an FR style setup with either 3 or 4 holes (depending on whether there is a water-cooling pipe or not).
  • For a motor unit with silicone wiring I simply fill the top section of the mast with marine silicone (silicone bonds to silicone wires). Then I use a 1.5mm-3mm rubber gasket sandwiched between board and mast mount.

Both the above methods provide a good seal and are simple. They also allow simpler construction for the boards without the need for extra connectors and special pockets.


The transition from the original thread was a bit clunky sorry guys for the confusion, (nothing harsh) I appreciate the way @SoEFoil saw a solution of a seal even when the original intent was a mold this is an example of why this site is great we share concepts & inspire each other. Thanks


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