Waterproof connector Cnlinko + MT 60

I’ve been planning this for a long time, and today I finally made a sleeve that allows it to be installed in the waterproof Cnlinko LP-20 power connector Amass MT60. The sleeve is made of two parts, fixed with a locking ring, sealed with silicone. If there is interest, I can post stl.amass


Great work! How many amps can it handle?

Seems like 60A, where the LP20 is 20A.
If so, then the insert is a great idea.
LP20 costs $10 on AliExpress.

There is definitely interest from me. Please post the stl. Thanks

The mr60 is a hobby rating. I think it’s true continuous is meant to be 30a.

I have pushed 100a though a 3 pin lp20 connector before and it didn’t desolder.

I have both so can measure the size difference of the actual pins.

Mr60 connector has 4.25mm pins
Lp20 has 3.25mm pins

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MT60 has same pins as MR60?

I think the pins are identical.
I wanted to make do with standard lp20 connectors, but on the foil assistant with a Maytech motor and a FlyDragon 80A controller, the phase wires began to unsolder.

I’ll post the STL tomorrow when I get back to town. For comparison


I checked the connectors in water, everything works flawlessly. I also conducted comparative testing of several motors; I’ll write my impressions a little later.


So: I’ve warmed up a bit and can write) I checked four motors today. Two noname 6384 120 and 150 kv, Odrive 6374 150 kv (Saite), the only one of the motors in which the rotor and stator are filled with epoxy and the much-reviled 6374 Maytech. My current weight is 77 kilograms, 85 liter F-One Rocket board, Axis 19 mm alu mast, PNG 1150 wing. The battery is 8s3p 21700. ESC FLYCOLOR X-CROSS HV3 160A without additional cooling. The temperature is +6 degrees Celsius.
My personal rating:
4th place. 6384 noname 120 kv. There is not enough speed to take off without pumping, it does not go very steadily.
3rd place. Odrive 6374. It takes off without pumping, but it does it for quite a long time. It’s weird because it was my favorite and I hadn’t noticed a lack of power before. The motor is quite old, it may make sense to check the wiring.
2nd place. Yes, it’s Maytech. I don’t like this company for its greed and for the fact that they deceived me for $30, but the power of this motor is enough for me. It seemed to me that it reacted to the gas more sharply than I would have liked. The propeller blades were a little damaged in the previous races and were cut, but I always had enough power.
1st place. Noname 150 kv - I didn’t expect it. Smooth and powerful start, excellent throttle response, the best motor of the four.


You definitely have leakage somewhere on more than one motor…

Out of all of those the maytech has the smallest stator and least power so should be coming last. It should work with your weight and board though.

I know 90kg+ guys riding the noname brand 120kv, but sealed up properly with no losses.

OK, i will definitely invite a 90-kilogram friend to take part in testing, I’m only afraid that today I closed the season and this will not happen until next spring. I would like to note that with this motor in combination with the FlyDragon 80A I was able to take off on the ART 999, while for example Dominic Hoskyns could not do this with the original FD+.

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you are a star mate. thank u.