Waterproof Remote Control for 40$

Hello fellow builders,

I found a waterproof remote control on Ebay and it looks very promising. The best part is that it is only 40$. Check it out!! Waterproof Electric Skateboard Remote Control Receiver Strap Motorized Longbaord | eBay

Let me know what you guys think. Will it work for our application?


Just ordered one, looks promising. Thanks for sharing.

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Bonus fact: I just noticed that there is a 15% promotion going on till midnight Pacific time. Code: PERFECTGAME

Amazing!!!Best Xmas gift for 2018 :wink:

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For less than 35$,. I’m ordering mine right now hehe!!:yum:

It’s on aliexpress too https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/ZYipCwN

Thanks I ordered one :slightly_smiling_face:


Look like waterproof new version of this one below.
tested already but the receiver is not very consistend…hope it improved…
And the use of this thumb throttle is not very comfortable/ good to adjust… I prefer finger controlled… However good that waterproof remotes are coming. Confident there are more soon to come


Hi mine has just turned up. Will b able to test it in next couple of days.


I tried it today. Works fine.

Your remote was smooth and didnt glitch at all? I might have got a bad one.

I had to bind it first, but than worked fine. No glitch (flier esc). But I tried it only in the house, becouse there is cold with snow outside.

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Just tried mine and it worked fine for the first couple of times under water but then stopped working. I have since dried it out and it seems to be working again but I would not trust it. I was using it in salt water might be better in fresh water.

Then I try to cower it with plastidip.

I pulled it to bits and it uses hall sensors for the switch and speed control. The circuit board is coated with some type of plastic which I assume is the waterproofing. Not sure why mine stopped but will try and redcoat the electronics as well to improve the water resistance.

The problem seems to be where the wires are connected to the battery there is no resin on them I have coated then]m with resin and will see how this goes.

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Great to hear that, i also ordered one and just received it.
I miss the possibilty of a reverse action of the drive. I need this to be able to stop my surfboard after falling.
In wind and wave conditions its the only way to reach it, tested this several times.
Has someone fotos of the inside and the components? Can i destroy anything when opening it?
Maybe i can design my own real waterproof housing around these hall sensors.
What purpose has the visible potentiometer screw?

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You wont do any damaging opening it up but the throttle spring will fall out, no biggie. The visible screw sets the lower throttle trim output.

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Be careful with the throttle spring as I nearly lost mine when it sprung of. It also needs coating as it is only zinc plated and is showing signs of rust after only one use.


Just tested mine again worked much better after coating battery terminals. Only issue now is when it is full of seawater the motor starts up but only turns at a slow rpm so didn’t take off. This stopped when water emptied out of remote. The water must be interfering with the hall sensor and magnet somehow. Will reset throttle positions to avoid this next time.


Just got this remote. Hooked it up and it worked like a charm. But I’m afraid of signal issues. Is there a way to boost the signal so it can transmit through the board material?