Waterproof remote control options

Hello all,

I might be in the market for a new waterproof remote control and I was wondering what there is out there. I figured I could create a new topic that gathers all the options.

I know there is the maytech remote which is now 250$. There is also the cheap waterproof remote I shared a couple months which turned out to be not so waterproof but can work (this is the one I have right now). Then, maybe the vefoil remote? Does anybody know if it is up for sale now?

Otherwise, that’s all I can think of right now. Please, let me know your thoughts on these remotes and don’t hesitate to mention any other option available! Cheers!

the cheapest, work for me over 1 year:

with a condom…

you can always take it a part, put it in a sealed tube and add a ebike thumb throttle

Do you mean you intend to sell one in a near future ? The MTBF (Mean Time between failure) is not satisfactory yet, but the Maytech remote is the only one 90% waterproof remote you can buy today.
Each efoil manufacturer has its own remote. You can buy the transmitter as a spare part (LIFT, eTakuma) but not the receiver that connects to the ESC. @VeFoil seems to have given up (no news since July 10th 2019).
You can find pictures (even HowTo videos for Fliteboard and Lift) of their remote on their site or Instagram for: Cabratec, Hovertar, Pegasus, Sailfin Plurato, Surffic, Waydoo, …

I meant buying one! I won’t be making a remote anytime soon. Just the efoil is enough of a headache lol. It’s a bummer that they don’t sell the receiver for these commercial remotes.

The maytech remote is 90% waterproof? Does it work well?

The answer is simple: Maytech (245 USD + 25-40 shipping) has no competitor today on the market. There has been and there are still a few unhappy people with the 1st generation (gen1) of the product and many happy people I presume pls check: Search results for 'Maytech' - FOIL.zone (see ‘Maytech remote!’ and ‘Maytech remote defect’ subject).
Latest in date about gen1 defects: Maytech remote issues - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) - FOIL.zone
The second generation of Maytech remote is supposed to be delivered since early September so what was true for Gen1 is not necessarily true today. You’ll have to check.
Chris from @VeFoil had a nice waterproof remote (Transm. + receiver) for 199 USD with shipping planned mid April 2019. Nobody had the chance to test it though. Hopefully, he’ll come back.


Great to hear of the Maytech improvements. I may be going that direction shortly as well. Hopefully we can hear from @Eileen on your other thread for additional details/confirmation. A shame no one has heard from @VeFoil. I’ve been pretty excited about the work he was doing locally here and tried to reach out to him through various channels a few times. Hope he’s okay.

Yes, all is good and I am ok.
Plugging away behind the scenes with a jet with much more thrust and talking with company to get everything into full production.

Glad to see that all is ok! Are you still selling your waterproof remotes?

We will only once we go into production and they are made, but not doing one-off remote builds right now, sorry.

Another option: I’m looking to use it on my build Flipsky VX1 + condom. The remote has built in cruise control which some of my friends use with their electric skateboard

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That’s not a bad option! Maybe you could open it up and waterproof it too.

The board can set in epoxy, the throttle input component can only be sprayed with corrosionX or apply a Silicone Modified Conformal Coating.

How long would corrosion x keep the throttle waterproof?

Don’t know, I’m not planning on using corrosionX

Is conformal coating permanent?

It’s not easily removable, it’s a thin layer coating, thinner than a nail polish layer on a fingernail

Ok so it should permanently waterproof the throttle in this case? Bc this might be a good solution!

Give it a try, let us know if anything comes of it.

I’m seriously thinking about it. Thanks for sharing the remote!

Finally opened up the VX1 remote, the board can be coated in epoxy, conformal or nail polish but the thumbwheel actuator maybe be coated with CorrosionX but not anything that is going to dry hard.