Waveescort tow boogy


This is pretty cool. Started working on a jet version 8 months ago then ran out of time.

My design use a jet drive and the hull is symmetrical so the tow boogy can ride both side of it flip in the waves. A hatch open and close for intake both side.

A mate working on robot was going to sort the autonomous module with return to rider using a smartwatch and object detection.

Just need to find time to get back to it.


Seems they are applying for patent on the autonomous function…

This has been discussed on Valhalla’s Tow Boogie post since 2020, shouldn’t this constitute prior art?

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Just about to come and have a laugh about this here too. They’ll never ever in a million years succeed in defending any of their proposed patents. This might be my all time favourite patent though:

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What a poser.
Here is the prior art.
Pretty much cut and pasted to his website.

[TowBots, ESP32 boards, Bugs and Other Silly Stuff - PonoStyle]

The “Tow Boogie” kick-off started 6 months before with this post though (Sep 2020):

@Ponobill is a forum member, look at this post from Jan 21

Well we just have to fill a third party preissuance submission pointing out the prior art. Anyone has the patent pending serial number?


Until the patent application is published there is no way to know whether the prior art is relevant. There is also no risk of infringement until a patent is awarded. Claim one will be telling…

How far did you make it with the jet that works whether it’s right side up or upside down? Lovely idea, but I can’t visualize how that would work with currently available jet / impeller set ups.

Didn’t manage to find time yet. Jet drive would hold in a cylinder to have everything in line, intake impeller ect. An opening each side of the tube for the intake and a half tube with some lead rotating around the intake if the board flip.

If you make some rough drawings, I will have an engineer draw it up in 360.

Yo Tibo,

How about a self righting towboggie? Make the center of gravity low, and have a inflatable float on the top like the old Go Joe for kite boards.

Have you got anywhere with the electronics? A waterproof 2-3ch RC remote and rudder could work. Super bright green LED facing forward so you know when its pointing towards you.


Catch you next time in Raglan…

Could work yes but really want to try this jet idea. Just need more time haha. Got the electronic yes, will just use a maytech remote and steer it using the board, jet nozzle will be only be driven by autonomous module

A deep V could be configured to “self right”: