Week 1.. a beginners perspective

Saw one of the efoil vids on the weekend and fell in love.

Like many others in here I suspect that building one will be stretching my abilities but I’m keen. My problem is that I’m an accountant with little 3D design & manufacture background. And I’m based in Australia so that should test international shipping.

But I’m good with my hands, have a rudimentary understanding of electronics and I’m a quick learner so regardless I’m going to give it a go.

I’ve fired up a heap of things this week & thanks to the efforts of people like pacificmeister I feel like I’ve made some real traction:

  1. a crash course in Fusion 360. this program rocks!
  2. an introduction to 3D printers. Never had one but they seem to make sense. Ordered a decent size machine with plenty of PLA so play around with
  3. spent a HEAP of hours on ebay & amazon ordering all the parts. The lists you guys have built are awesome.

Note that the McMasters seals may not match up on the part numbers anymore (@pacificmeister : do you mind confirming the seal you used still lines up with the product listed at www.mcmaster.com search for 5154T47 as the listing says “Spring-Loaded Rotary Shaft Seal with Wiper Lip, for 5/16” Shaft Diameter, 0.313" ID x 0.750" OD")

and there is no wiring in the lists (I’ll probably be going for some silicon wiring to handle the salt water)

So basically saying thanks! I’ll let you know how I go…


Just a heads up. McMaster doesn’t ship to Australia. I got my seals from allied bearings.

You have the right attitude! Any skill can be learned. Nobody is born an expert. Good luck with your build. Feel free to ask if you have any Fusion issues. I can help over Teamviewer.

Hello @Waterboy. Great to hear that you are jumping into the efoil building adventure. You will get up to speed with cad and printing in no time. I too learned Fusion with this project and I love it.
Regarding the seals, yes I am still using the 5/16 ID seals from McMaster. And I just updated my parts list with the 10 awg and 8 awg cable I use, make sure you get 200C rated cable, things can get warm.
Keep us posted on your progress and good luck!

Hi rogjalon,
Thanks for the notice. I’ve had a dig around the allied bearing website.

Do you have an allied bearing part number that matches the heavy duty double lip oil resistant version that PacificMeister has used in his designs or did you modify the seal mount design?

Cheers MaxMaker - appreciate the offer.
I suspect custom fitting the clamp to the mast will be my first hurdle but PacificMeister has a specific tutorial on that so I’ll see how I go when the foil turns up & I can actually measure it. If I muddle around for a couple more Fusion sessions it should stop me from asking the really dopey questions and wasting your time…

Hi @Waterboy I don’t have the part number. I just gave them the dimensions 5/16 ID X 3/4 OD x 1/4 wide spring load double lip shaft seals. They were actually surprised that they had them in stock.

thanks - I’ll try the same.

Cheers @pacificmeister
Love your work!
yes - I went for 200c silicone 2.5mm wiring (similar to your 10 AWG)

Now I just have to hurry & wait for all the deliveries …

will let you know how I go.

Finally received the Neugart 5:1 gearbox earlier this week so have all the parts assembled = full testing next week. I feel like a kid at Christmas!

Couple of newbie tips for anyone attmepting the same:

  1. buy a dremel. the number of times I’ve needed to make minor cuts or adjustments…
  2. no amount of pleading or cursing will make standard dies cut the threads on the hardened steel axles. I found a local steel engineer that cut the threads on a lathe for me. 316 or 304 grade stainless 8mm rod is cheap as. From memory I paid about AU$15 for a meter and then cut it up in to a few spares.
  3. you can assemble the gearbox mount to the seal mount with either 25mm or 28 m3 pans without having to cut the heads off IF you extend the holes into the seal mount with a drill about 3mm and put them through the gearbox mount BEFORE attaching it to the motor.
  4. buy a decent soldering iron.
  5. i tried both the mini winning remote and the g2tb. For me - the g2tb has been far smoother with a larger acceleration range.
  6. fibreglassing is an art … and I feel like I’ve been drawing stick men.
  7. buy a decent charger & get LIPO bags with it. The videos of those things exploding if charged incorrectly are eye opening!
  8. read everything you can about remote electronics in here. My original ESC is still going strong but I have no doubt that so far that is a direct result of other posters misfortune.
    I’ve seperated the ESC from the battery, mounted it in a aluminium box counter sunk underneath the board and gone with a self priming water pump for it.
  9. be prepared to assemble and dissassemble a LOT.(I feel like a marine and can now field strip my weapon blindfolded). Leave the locktight, silicon and epoxy out until you are really… really ready.

Finally I’ve gone with Pacificmeisters thinner duct & 3 bladed prop. Will advise.
In the mean time… wish me luck!


Great tips! Good luck and please keep us posted.