WH4 remote: warning - faulty design

I tried a WH4 remote i bought in 2021 from Firduo.

It has a signal jump issue and throws in power jumps at certain throttle positions where the communication faults. This makes it totally unrideable and unsafe.

A company that fails to fix an issue like this before selling to customers should get sued for all they’ve got. :exploding_head:

I think newer WH4 remotes sold by the larger companies have a later revision which has fixed this issue but beware: don’t buy it from unknown resellers on alibaba, aliexpress, banggood or ebay which might sell the old design with this issue.

I tested one I bought in 2022 and reported the same tiny throttle range and dead zones. It’s rubbish.

That’s bad, 2022 and such a serious issue should be fixed. Where did you buy yours?

I got mine from ebay, new.