What are your thoughts on the clearwater foil board

I’m looking at building a foil sometime in the future and I came across this board that is pretty inexpensive from clearwater foils do you think it would work for an e-foil?

It’s too thin for efoil, it would sink to the bottom with battery attached.

Yep I second that… It would need its own life vest lol!

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I wish i could photoshop that into reality! :laughing:

Foil is fine, board is a def no go - as the guys have said, board has too low of a volume

We are thinking about getting the 2300 aluminum kit for our next next (yes next next) build. The aluminum mast has space for the needed wires.
The 2300 will foil at low speeds.

Clearwater is now offering wingfoil boards in two ways:

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